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Project Design

Objectives: • The objective of this course is to provide participants with technical knowledge and practical training on Project Design. • You will learn through situations, case studies, and role-plays; you will gain insight into successful project designs and learn how to do-it-yourself. • The course provides a complete and practical coverage of the methodologies, tools, and underlying principles of Project Design. Delivery Style: • Interactive • Exercises • Case Studies • Computer Demos

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Contents: Day 1: • Overview of Project Management • PM Knowledge areas • Characteristics of projects • The project life cycle • The conception phase Day2: • Overview of the design phase • Defining objectives • Stakeholder's analysis • Determining the project constraints • Defining deliverables • Case studies. Day3: • Developing a project charter • Setting performance indicators for project evaluation • Developing the work breakdown structure • Developing a time plan • Developing the project budget • Case studies Day 4: • Developing the quality plan • Developing the communication plan • Developing the procurement plan • Developing the staffing plan • Developing the risk management plan • Case studies Day 5: • Integrating project plans • Formative and summative evaluation • Preparing for execution • Refining the project design. • An integrated case study • Success Factors

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Who Should Attend? • Project managers • Individuals participating in development projects


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