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ASME Post Construction Code

You Will Learn To:
 - Describe the background of the Code
 - Explain how to apply the Code rules to more common design and fabrication situations
 - Identify the calculations for some of the loadings and situations not addressed by the Code
 - Describe the preparation of design specifications, design reports, data reports, and other documentation
 - Describe the latest developments in the rapidly advancing field of pressure equipment inspection and repairs
 - Identify the work being performed by API, ASME, and PVRC in the related areas.
 - Identify the post-construction Codes and Standards and the interrelation of various documents
 - Explain the responsibilities of the users, manufacturers, repair organizations, regulatory agencies and authorized inspectors
 - Explain how to obtain a National Board stamp
 - Identify detailed requirements of the NBIC
 - Explain the differences between the NBIC and API-510
 - Identify and provide examples of repairs, alterations and the documentation requirements for each
 - Describe introductory portions of the ASME post-construction standards
 - Provide examples demonstrating the application of the rules

الخطوط العريضة

PD442: BPV Code: Section VIII, Division 1 – Design and Fabrication of Pressure


Day 1

Module 1


Introduction to ASME Code and Section VIII



General Requirements



Materials Requirements

Module 2




General Design Requirements



Design for Internal Pressure



Module 3


Design for Buckling



Design of Flat Heads and Covers



Design of Openings

Module 4




Fabrication Requirements



NDE, Testing, Pressure Relief and Documentation Requirements



Requirements for Vessels Fabricated by Welding


Day 3

Module 5


Requirements for Carbon and Low Alloy Steels



Requirements for High Alloy Steels



Requirements for Heat Treated Materials



Code Appendices

Module 6



Example Problems


PD441: Inspection, Repairs, and Alterations of Pressure Equipment

Day 4

Module 1: Introduction to In-Service Codes and Standards

Module 2: National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) Rules

Module 3: API-510 Rules

Day 5

Module 4: Introduction to API-579

Module 5: ASME and PVRC Post-Construction Documents

من ينبغى أن يحضر

Those involved with the purchase, design, fabrication, or inspection of pressure vessels. Some technical background will be helpful, but attendees are not required to have an Engineering degree or previous work experience in the subject matter.


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