CATEGORY TYPE: Information Technology

COURSE NAME:Programing in JAVA


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This course provides fundamental information about Java Programming. Topics include creating a Java application and applet, manipulating data using methods, decision making and repetition with reusable objects, arrays, loops, and layout managers using external classes, creating menus and button arrays using the abstract windows, swing interfaces with sorting and searching, writing data to a sequential data file, using collections and strings in a reusable class, understanding abstract classes and interfaces, accessing databases using JDBC, and utilizing servlets for Web applications


When the course is completed, students will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of virtual machine in Java
  • Differentiate between Java and other programming languages
  • Use the Java programming environment
  • Implement Internet programming concepts
  • Create applications and applets using Java class libraries
  • Develop flexible data-aware applications using Java Database Connectivity


Day One:


Fundamental Programming Structures in Java

Learn the basics of the Java programming language


  The main() method

  Primitive Data Types







  Control Flow

  Code Examples & Exercises


Classes and Objects in Java
Master the fundamental elements of OOP and related Java features

  Classes & Objects

  OOP Principles

  • Instantiation
  • Encapsulation
  • Specialization

  Instance Variables

  Class Variables


  Instance Methods

  Class Methods

  Method Overloading

  The this keyword

  Passing and returning objects

  Garbage Collection in Java

  Code Examples & Exercises


Day Two:

Object Design and Programming with Java

Understand the object-oriented way of programming




  Method Overriding



  Code Examples & Exercises

Java Interfaces

Creating high levels of abstraction

  Purpose of Interfaces

  When to use them

  Interface Declaration

  Implementing an Interface

  Interface Inheritance

  Code Examples & Exercises


Day Three:

Java Exception handling

Writing robust, industrial-strength Java code

  Why Exceptions

  Standard Exception Handling Options

  Exception Class Hierarchy

  Checked vs. Unchecked Exceptions

  Catching an Exception: try and catch blocks

  Methods Which Throw Exceptions: the throws clause

  Handling vs. Declaring Exceptions

  System Exceptions vs. Application Exceptions

  Writing Custom Exceptions

  Code Examples & Exercises

Java Collections API
Managing collections of objects


  The Java Collections Framework

  Collections Interfaces

  • java.util.Collection
  • java.util.List
  • java.util.Map
  • java.util.Set

  Concrete Collections

  • java.util.ArrayList
  • java.util.HashMap
  • java.util.HashSet

  Iterating through Collections

  • java.util.Iterator

  Code Examples & Exercises



Day Four:

Java Input/Output API
Dealing with serialized data and objects

  Streams & Files

  Input & Output Streams

  File Streams

  Object Streams

  Object Serialization

  Readers & Writers

  The Java New I/O (NIO) API

  Code Examples & Exercises

GUI Programing

Designing Graphical User Interfaces in Java

  Basics of Components

  Using Containers

  Layout Managers

  AWT Components

  Adding a Menu to Window

  Extending GUI Features Using Swing Components

  Java Utilities (java.util Package)

ü  The Collection Framework :

ü  Collections of Objects


Understanding Threads


  Needs of Multi-Threaded Programming.

  Thread Life-Cycle

  Thread Priorities

  Synchronizing Threads

  Inter Communication of Threads

  Critical Factor in Thread –DeadLock


Day Five:


Networking Programing

  Networking Basics

  Client-Server Architecture

  Socket Overview

  Networking Classes and Interfaces

  Network Protocols

  Developing Networking Applications in Java


Database Programing using JOBC

 Introduction to JDBC

  JDBC Drivers & Architecture

  CURD operation Using JDBC

  Connecting to non-conventional Databases




  • IT Developers
  • Programmers and Fresh Programmers
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