CATEGORY TYPE: Information Technology

COURSE NAME:System administrator (Drupal, CMS)


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  • Drupal 7 Basics
    • How Drupal began
    • What is Drupal 7
    • What Technology Does Drupal Use?
    • What is Drupal
      • Content Management System
      • Content Management Framework
      • Web Application Framework
    • Drupal terminology
      • Modules
      • Themes
      • Nodes
      • Blocks
    • Drupal Workflow
      • Bootstrap
      • Hooks and Callbacks
  • Getting started
    • Installing Drupal 7
    • The Admin Interface
      • Creating Content
      • Managing Content
      • Site Building
      • Site Configuration
      • User Management
      • Reports
      • Help
  • Out of the Box Modules
    • Core Required
    • Core Optional-enabled
    • Core Optional-disabled
  • User Contributed Modules
    • What They Are
    • Where They Are
    • What They Do
    • Downloading and Enabling
    • Popular Modules
    • Module selection and evaluation
  • Layouts in Drupal
    • Blocks and Regions
    • Default Blocks
    • Custom Blocks
    • Configuring Blocks
      • Enabling Default Blocks and Controlling the Front Page
  • File System
    • Download Methods
    • File Module
    • Image Module
    • Storing user uploaded materials
  • Custom Content Types with the Fields Module
    • The PAGE and the ARTICLE
    • Input Filters
    • Creating Custom Content-Types
    • Field Permissions
    • Adding Custom Fields to Content-Types
    • Using the Manage Display Settings
      • Teaser / Body Displays
      • Labels
      • Display Formats
  • Working with Taxonomy
    • What is taxonomy?
    • Vocabularies
      • Required Vocabulary
      • Controlled Vocabulary
    • Terms
      • Single and Multiple Terms
      • Adding Terms
    • View Content by Term
    • Storing Taxonomies
    • Module-Based Vocabularies
    • Common Functions
  • VIEWS: Advanced Displays With Contributed Module
    • Overview of VIEWS
    • VIEW Types
      • Default Views
      • Overridden Views
      • Normal Views
    • Displays
      • Basic Settings
      • Display Types
    • Creating a VIEW With the VIEWS User Interface
      • Basic Settings
      • Fields vs Node
      • Filters
      • Arguments
      • Relationships
  • The Form API
    • Form Processing
    • Validation
    • Form Submission
    • Redirection
    • Creating Basic Forms
      • Custom Module Basics
      • Creating your own Custom Module
    • Enabling the Custom Form Module
    • Accessing the Custom Form
    • Form API Properties
  • XML-RPC and REST
    • What is XML-RPC?
    • XML-RPC Clients
    • A Simple XML-RPC Server
    • REST (with the Services Module)
      • Creating a Drupal REST Server
      • Testing your REST Server
  • Theming
    • Architecture of the Theme System
      • Theme Templates
      • The .info file
      • Theme Engine
      • Hooks
    • Creating a Theme
      • Where are the files?
      • Installing a Theme
      • Creating and Enabling a Customized Sub-Theme
      • Theme Inheritance and Sub-Themes
    • Responsive Design with Adaptive Themes
      • Mobile First Design
      • CSS Structure
      • Responsive Stylesheets
      • Progressive Enhancement
      • Adaptive Theme Settings
    • Theming with CSS
    • Theming with a custom stylesheet
    • Overriding Theme Behavior with PHP
  • Creating Interactive Forms with the Webforms module
  • Creating Rules with the Rules module
  • Drupal’s Database Abstraction Layer
    • Functions and Methods
    • Drupal Database Connections
    • Selecting records with DB_QUERY
    • Custom Database Connections with PDO
    • Advanced Concepts
      • The Schema API
        • Adding tables to a module
        • Adding Schema definition to a module
      • DB_SELECT
        • Building a page display with DB_SELECT
      • Maintaining tables with module_update functions
    • What is DRUSH
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Getting Started
    • Useful Commands
    • Database Updates
    • Backup Site and Databases
    • Summary of Commands
    • Site Aliases
    • Scripting with DRUSH
  • Conclusion


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