COURSE NAME:Instrument Safeguarding


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There are several ways to provide the means of prevention of the potential risks of equipment, where Many factors determine the most appropriate types of protection needed, and these factors: the type of operations, the size and shape of the torch, by treating and handling, the site of the stomach, the type of material used.



Training in Process Safeguarding (Safety in Process Design) covers a wide range of subjects with many applications in hydrocarbons and chemical processing. As the name suggests, it addresses the process engineering and safeguarding aspects of processing equipment/units. The process design safety orientation of the participant results in safe process designs.


Overview of process design of P&I diagrams and various process systems

  • Introduction


Basic Concepts


o         Pressures in Process Design and Mechanical Pressure System Design


o         Pressures in Design of relief Systems/Devices


o         Temperatures in Design


o         Temperature and Pressure vs. Mechanical Design of a Pressure Vessel


o         Determining the Pressure System


o         Determining the Design Pressure (Upper Design Pressure)


General Principles of Defence against Overpressure


o         Simultaneous Occurrence of Overpressure Cases


o         Effect of Operator response


o         Overpressure Protection by Instruments


o         The Role of Check Valves (Non-Return Valves)


o         The Role of Locking Systems on Block Valves


o         The Effect of Automatic Control


  • Description of final safeguarding elements


Determination of Individual Relief Cases


o         Electrical Power Failure


o         Total Cooling Water Failure


o         Total Instrument Air Failure


o         Inadvertent Valve Opening


o         Blocked Outlet


o         Other Failure


o         Fire


o         Thermal Expansion


Depressuring Systems


o         Emergency Depressuring (EDP) Systems


o         Depressuring Systems for Process Safeguarding/Operating Reasons


o         Emergency Depressuring Rates versus API-521 Guidelines


Safeguarding by Instrumentation


o         Classification and implementation of instrumented protective functions


o         Examples of IPF initiating elements


  • Interfaces with other plants or plant sections

  • Pressure relief and disposal systems


Pressure Relief Devices


o         Definition of Terms


o         Types and Sizes of Pressure Relief Devices


o         Arrangement of Pressure Relief Valves


Disposal Systems


o         Flare Systems


o         Venting to Atmosphere


o         Disposal Back into Process or Storage


  • Safeguarding memorandum and Process safeguarding flow diagrams

  • Calculation procedures


Calculation of Flow through Control Valves and Globe Valves


o         Control Valves


o         Globe Valves


o         Preliminary Estimate of the Size of Control Valve and Bypass Valve


Calculation of Potential Pressure Wave during Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture


Calculation of Flow from a Ruptured Tube


Sizing of Depressuring Valves


o         General


o         System Inventory


o         Vapour from Liquid Vaporization by Fire


o         Vapour from Liquid Flash due to Depressuring


o         Calculation of Vapour Produced by Fire and Liquid Flash


o         Vapour from Density Change


o         Calculation of the Initial Depressuring Flow Rate and Sizing of the Valve


  • Low temperature considerations during depressuring


o         Low Temperatures in Equipment being Depressured


o         Low Temperatures in Depressuring Valve and downstream Piping during


o         Depressuring



This training is ideal for HSE engineers, process engineers, mechanical and piping engineers, instrumentation and automation engineers, project engineers and managers, operations and maintenance engineers.

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