CATEGORY TYPE: Information Technology

COURSE NAME:Adobe illustrator Creative Suite 5 - Full Track


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In this course, students will use Adobe Illustrator CS5 to create illustrations that include graphics and text.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

- get acquainted with the Adobe Illustrator CS5 application.

- create shapes in a document.

- create custom paths.

- work with text in an Illustrator document.

- work with objects.

- enhance documents.

- proof documents to make them more accurate.

- save images for web and print.


1.. Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Using the Illustrator tools
  • Working with panels
  • Using panel menus
  • Using the zoom tool
  • Using view commands
  • Using the Navigator Panel
  • Understanding rulers
  • Arranging multiple documents
  • The Search of Help Box
2. Selecting and Aligning
  • Using the Selection Tools
  • Working with the Magic Wand
  • Selecting similar objects
  • Aligning objects
  • Aligning points
  • Distributing objects
  • Aligning to the artboard
  • Working with groups
  • Working in isolation mode
  • Adding a group
  • Object arrangement
  • Applying techniques
3. Creating Basic Shapes
  • Using the basic shape tools
  • Understanding drawing modes
  • Creating rectangles
  • Creating ellipses and polygons
  • Draw inside mode
  • Changing stroke width and alignment
  • Working with line segments
  • Joining paths
  • Using the eraser tool
  • Using the width tool
  • Outlining strokes
  • Combining and editing shapes
  • Working with the Shape Builder tool
  • Working with Pathfinder effects
  • Working with shape modes
  • Using Live Trace to create shapes
4. Transforming Objects
  • Working with Artboards
  • Editing, renaming, and reordering Artboards
  • Transforming content
  • Working with rulers and guides
  • Scaling objects
  • Reflecting, rotating, distorting, and Shearing objects
  • Positioning objects precisely
  • Changing perspective
  • Multiple transformations
5. Working with the Pen Tool
  • Creating straight lines
  • Building a curve
  • Curves and corner anchor points
  • Selecting and manipulating curves
  • Editing curves
  • Deleting and adding anchor points
  • Convert between smooth and corner points
  • Drawing and editing with the pencil tool
6. Color and Painting
  • Color modes
  • Understanding the color controls
  • Creating color
  • Build and save a custom color
  • Swatch libraries
  • Spot Color and Color Picker
  • Creating and saving a tint of a color
  • Copying attributes
  • Creating and editing color groups
  • Working with the Kuler panel
  • Assigning colors to your artwork
  • Adjusting colors
  • Painting with patterns and gradients
  • Applying existing patterns
  • Editing a pattern
  • Working with and editing Live Paint
  • Working with Gap Options
7. Working with Type
  • Importing a text file
  • Creating columns of text
  • Understanding text flow and working with overflow text
  • Threading text
  • Working with font size and color
  • Paragraph attributes
  • Saving and using styles
  • Creating Character styles
  • Sampling text
  • Creating text on paths and shapes
  • Creating text outlines
8. Working with Layers
  • Creating, moving, locking, pasting layers
  • Creating clipping masks
  • Merging layers
  • Applying appearance attributes to layers
  • Isolating layers
9. Working with Perspective Drawing
  • Understanding perspective
  • Working with the perspective grid
  • Using a preset grid
  • Drawing objects in perspective
  • Selecting and transforming objects in perspective
  • Attaching objects to perspective
  • Editing planes and objects together
  • Adding and editing text and symbols in perspective
  • Release content from perspective
10. Blending Shapes and Colors
  • Creating a gradient fill
  • Creating and applying a linear gradient
  • Adjusting the direction of a gradient
  • Creating a radical gradient
  • Adding colors to a gradient
  • Applying gradient to multiple objects
  • Adding transparency to gradients
  • Creating a blend with specified steps
  • Creating smooth-color blends
11. Working with Brushes
  • Using Calligraphic brushes
  • Editing a brush
  • Using a fill color with brushes
  • Remove a brush stroke
  • Using art brushes
  • Drawing with the paintbrush tool
  • Create and edit an Art brush
  • Bristol brush options
  • Creating and applying a pattern brush
  • Changing the brush color options
  • The Blob Brush tool
  • Painting with a Bristle brush
  • Editing the Eraser tool
12. Applying Effects
  • Using live effects
  • Applying and editing an effect
  • Styling text with effects
  • Editing shapes with a Pathfinder effect
  • Offsetting paths
  • Applying a PhotoShop effect
  • Working with a 3D effect
  • Creating a revolved object
  • Changing the lighting of a 3D object
  • Mapping a symbol to the 3D artwork
13. Applying Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles
  • Editing and adding appearance attributes
  • Reordering appearance attributes
  • Adding an additional stroke and fill
  • Using graphic styles
  • Creating and saving a graphic style
  • Applying a graphics style to an object and to a layer
  • Applying existing graphic styles
  • Applying an appearance to a layer
  • Copying, applying, and removing graphic styles
14. Working with symbols
  • Using existing Illustrator symbol libraries
  • Creating and editing a symbol
  • Breaking a link to a symbol
  • Replacing and renaming symbols
  • Working with the Symbolism tools
  • Copy and edit symbol sets
  • Storing and retrieving artwork in the Symbols panel
  • Mapping a symbol to 3D artwork
  • Symbols and Flash integration
15. Working with Adobe Bridge
  • Combining artwork
  • Vector versus bitmap graphic
  • Placing Photoshop files
  • Duplicating and editing a placed image
  • Applying colors to a place image
  • Masking an image
  • Applying a clipping mask to an image
  • Editing a mask
  • Masking an object with multiple shapes
  • Release a mask
  • Creating an opacity mask
  • Sampling colors in placed images
  • Replacing a placed, linked image
  • Exporting a layered file to PhotoShop

This course is intended for designers, publishers, pre-press professionals, marketing communications professionals, or people switching to a design job or taking on design responsibilities and who need to use Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic documents.

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