ITC Categories
Category Type:Soft Skills
Administrative Assistant
Administrative communications and the art of dealing with others.
Advanced Negotiation Skills
Advanced Analytical Thinking
Advanced Business etiquette
Advanced Business Intelligence (BI)
Advanced Business Report Writing Skills
Advanced Communication Skills
Advanced Communication Skills
Advanced Demonstrating flexibility
Advanced Developing positive attitude
Advanced developing yourself and others
Advanced Employees Core values Skills
Advanced Executive Secretarial Skills
Advanced Influencing & Communication for impact
Advanced Innovation and Creativity
Advanced Innovative and Creative Thinking
Advanced Integrated Communications Skills
Advanced Leadership & Influencing Skills
Advanced Leadership Coaching Strategies
Advanced Leadership in promoting entrepreneurship
Advanced Leadership Skills for Compliance Professionals
Advanced Leadership Workshop
Advanced Leading and Motivating Your Team
Advanced Leading Skills
Advanced Managing Yourself and Leading Others
Advanced Motivating Others
Advanced Motivation for Effective Managers
Advanced Negotiation Skills
Advanced NLP in Business Communication
Advanced People Management Skills
Advanced Personal Leadership
Advanced Power of Leaders
Advanced Presentation Skills
Advanced Presentation Skills
Advanced Problem Solving and Decision Making
Advanced Self-motivation at work
Advanced Stress Management Skills
Advanced Successful Team Work
Advanced Supervisory Skills
Advanced Technical Communication Skills
Advanced Technical Expertise
Advanced Technical Writing Skills
Basic Business Report Writing
Basic Communication Skills
Basic Presentation Skills
Basic Supervisory Skills
Basic Technical Writing Skills
Business Etiquette
Business Writing
Certified Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR)
Communication & Influencing Skills
Communication & Influencing Skills
Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills - Certification
Creative Thinking
Critical thinking and problem solving
Customer Service and Call Center skills
Dealing with Auditors and Colleagues
Dealing with the work stress
Dynamic Presentation Skills to Achieve Objectives
Effective Business Writing and E-mail Etiquette
Effective Coaching Skills
Effective Communication skills
Effective Communication Skills
Effective Cost Estimating & Control of Technical Projects
Effective Meeting Management – Results Driven
Effective Negotiation Skills
Effective Supervisor - Negotiation Skills
Effective Supervisory skills
Effective Time Management
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Ethics of the profession and job loyalty
Executive Speaking: Confident, Powerful and Impactful
Expeditious completion of the work and development, organization and Electronic archiving
Integrated Talent Management
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Leadership Skills
Linguistic skill to formulate decisions and regulations
Master Class for Administrative Professionals, Secretaries
Mastering in Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Skills for Managers
Negotiation, Tenders preparation, contracts Administration and Legal Requirement for Contracting
Office Communications & Telephone Behaviors
Positive Thinking
Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Professional Report Writing
Risk Management
Secretarial skills and data entry
Self-motivation at work
Soft Skills And Time Management
Strategic Decisions
Stress and Pressure Management
Stress and Time Management
Stress and Time Management
Stress and Time Management
Stress Management
Stress Management Skills
Successful Team Work
Take off boot camp
Technical report writing.
Write letters and reports

The presentation is generally appealing to me. The dedication & devotion of the instructor are both laudable & admirable.
Mohammed F. Alotaibi

Really this course is important for any inspector, so I will recommended it for our employees. And thanks a lot!
Ahmed Al-Yami

You are doing excellent bringing such very talented instructor. Please keep it up.
Ahmed Afifi
Al-Zamil CoolCare

I would like to appreciate you as well as the instructor for a good training due to the fact that the helping to gain new information about the types of valve with advantages and disadvantage as well. Many thinking.
Zaki Ali Aldawood

This course was very beneficial and helpful to understand one of the Major NDT method. I encourage ITC to continue with this performance.
Talal Saad AlHasawi

ITC service was in overall excellent. Thanks.
Wael M. Morsy

This course was good and a nice guide to the PMP exam. Thanks.
Yazeed Mohamed Mreki
General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

It was good course & good preparation with excellent instructor. Thanks a lot.
Faisal Mahdi Al-Qahtani

It was a nice course to have. I suggest taking this course with the same instructor to other people. Thanks for the instructor for his kindness & helfull during the course.
Abdul-Moniem Al-Humoud

It is very important course, which enable us to improve our knowledge to work approaching our big account and can be recall us the key account. This is will support us to active result for the best of the Co.
Mohammed Amjad
Al-Suwadi Services

The instructor is highly and technical knowledgeable in explaining all the subject in the course taken.
Noel V. Garan
Coldstorec Group Of Saudi Arabia

Instructor was well prepared and knowledgeable I gain lot of useful information.
Gulam Khan
Saudi Aramco

It was a good learning experience. Got to know the concept involved in key account.
Muthuraman Nachiappan
Al-Suwadi Services

The instructor Mr. Ahmed Sabry has a very nice spirit.
Salam Fakhoury
Al Khodari Company

It is very useful to us and increase our knowledge.
Mohammed Rashed Afifi
Al Khodari Company

The course is excellent and helpful. It help me in organizing the work in more safe manner.
Muzammil Hayat
Al Khodari Company

The instructor is very knowledge and hard working, his way of teaching is very good.
Ibrahim Darwish
Al Khodari Company