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About Us

Integrated For Training has been founded in 2001, as a subsidiary of AIMS holding, Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Al Subeaei – a strong and respected firm that was founded in 1933 and is active in many different industries. We have worked hard to establish our reputation through hundreds of popular and effective training classes taught by international, multi-lingual instructors – each a specialist in his field.

Chairman of the Board

We are so proud that AIMS, Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Al Subeaei Group of companies - has continuously taken firm and fundamental strides towards supporting the Kingdom’s efforts aimed at qualifying and developing a generation of competent Saudi youths. This has been coupled with initiatives seeking to nurture the national workforce, to invest in its great potential and to instill it with the tools and means to enhance its skills and capabilities. These efforts successfully culminated in the launching of ITC in 2001, which came about by virtue of a clear and systematic mission. What was envisioned was to develop a comprehensive range of educational and training programs and services seeking to create a generation of competent Saudi nationals, who are capable of fulfilling the increasingly demanding recruitment criteria in various industries. The Group has spared no effort or finances in designing and implementing the company’s training facilities, whose buildings provide a model learning and teaching environment for trainees and instructors alike. The idea is to avail all possible resources in order to realize the ultimate objectives of the various programs and services rendered by Among the recent initiatives undertaken by the Group is the establishment of new institutes throughout the Kingdom. This is in support of its mission of endowing a generation of promising young Saudis with the knowledge, skills and expertise required to fulfil the country’s objectives in competing successfully on both the regional and global spheres. Today, we at ITC are extremely pleased with where we stand and of what we have achieved. However, we remain committed to constantly developing our services and capabilities for the purpose of keeping abreast of all the advancements and breakthroughs in the field, and to be on par with global players in the economical and industrial realms.

Saleh Al-Subeaei


Ever since its inception, ITC has risen among the ranks of specialized training companies in the Gulf to become a true pioneer in its field. The company has continuously demonstrated an unwavering commitment towards researching, developing and implementing programs that seek to fulfil the growing requirements of the region’s employment market. ITC rovides training courses that serve to qualify trainees into obtaining various certifications and accreditations in a variety of commercial, industrial and service vocations. The company also seeks to create and develop a qualified and competent Saudi workforce, capable of actively and effectively contributing to the workplace. In an unprecedented feat, the company has succeeded in recruiting 100% of trainees in occupations spanning a number of sectors and industries. In so doing it has empowered them to realize their true potential, while they earn a decent living for themselves and their families. Moreover, it has channeled their promising efforts toward positively contributing to the many realms of the national economy. ITC has been devoted to furnishing its training grounds and facilities with state-of the- art technologies and equipment, with the backing of some of the most renowned and prestigious educational and training providers across the globe. We have also shown an unwavering commitment to be ranked amongst the most outstanding and prominent training companies worldwide. In keeping with its vision and mission, ITC strives to expand its reach, all the while adopting the most up-to-date and advanced training programs, know-how and techniques in the industry. We are focused on creating a generation of efficient and productive Saudi nationals, who stand at an advanced level of professional competence, and who possess the necessary occupational expertise to perform and excel, in the same way that ITC has demonstrated in the Middle East training market.

Eng. Tariq Al Malki



  • Developing competencies (knowledge and skills) in the Middle East
  • Helping companies hire the right talents and develop existing employees
  • Qualifying Saudi youth into the local market workforce.



To be one of the preferred training providers in the Middle East in building competent personnel to meet our clients needs, and to make our trainees favored for hiring and promotion.



  • To provide HR and Training Services that matches the needs of our markets.
  • For companies and individuals who are looking for best skills and accredited certifications.
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  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Productivity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Our Enviable Track Record

We began the Integrated for Training Program in 2001 with very high-value courses that prepared trainees for certification by accredited international bodies. This limited the number of participants. To meet high employer demand, we have opened up training programs in recent years that are appropriate for employees of all skill levels and for most company training budgets. These courses have become very popular. We’re proud to say that as of 2010:

  • There are more than 1000 short courses to choose from
  • They are taught by a team of more than 600 highly qualified instructors
  • We have graduated more than 50,000 trainees
  • The Trainees are employed at more than 100 companies in GCC countries and North Africa
  • Building on our early tradition, we still offer more courses leading to certifications than any other private sector training company.Our graduates have become highly promotable, and are happily contributing to their employers’ success while building their own careers.