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Advanced Garden Plant Identification
American Petroleum Institute’s Codes and Standards
API 555 Advanced Process Control Best Practice
API 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry
API 577 Supplemental Inspection Certification Preparatory
API 527 Seat Tightness of Pressure Valve
API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 653 Aboveground Tank Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 526 Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves
API 579 FFS for Piping and ASME B 31.3
API 580 Risk Based Inspection - RBI
API 581 Risk Based Inspection - RBI
API 5L - Specifications for Pipeline
API 650 Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage
API 6D - Specification for Pipeline Valves
API 936: Refractory Inspection
API TES 2015/2016: Tank Entry Supervisor Certification Preparatory
Construction & Inspection of Welded Storage Tanks (API 650, 620, 653)
API 580-581 Risk Based Inspection - RBI
API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Preparatory
API/ASME 579 Fitness for Service Assessment for Pipelines
API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry
API 653 Aboveground Tank Inspector - Certification Preparatory
API 1169 - Pipeline Construction Inspector
Introduction to API RP 579-1 / ASME FFS-1, Fitness-For-Service,
Above Ground & Low Pressurize storage Tanks (API 650, 620)
API 653 Aboveground Tank Inspector - Certification Preparatory
API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 653 Aboveground Tank Inspector - Certification Preparatory
API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Preparatory
API 653 Aboveground Tank Inspector - Certification Preparatory
API SIEE - Source Inspector Electrical Equipment certificate preparatory
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Codes and Standards
ASME B31.1 Power Piping
ASME B31.3 Process Piping
ASME Codes Awareness - Sections I, II, V, VIII, and IX
ASME Post Construction Code
ASME Sec I Power Boilers
ASME Sec IX, Welding and Brazing
ASME Sec VIII Div 2 Pressure Vessels - Design Engineers
ASME Sec VIII, Div 1 Pressure Vessels - Design Engineers
ASME SECTIONS ( I, II AND V ) overview
ASME Codes Awareness - Sections II, V, and IX
AMIHM American Institute of Healthcare management
Certified Professional in Infection Control (CPIC) Exam
Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) Exam
FIRE & GAS Detection Systems
Safety Instrumented Systems & ESD For Engineers
Electrical and Instrumentation devices in Hazardous areas
Safety Instrumented Systems & ESD For Engineers
Electrical and Instrumentation devices in Hazardous areas
Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) For Operators
FIRE & GAS Detection Systems
Process Control and Loop Tuning
Compressor Control System
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Alarm Management
Troubleshooting, Diagnostic and Maintenance of Vehicle
Electronics and automotive electrical systems
Mechanical Faults in Cars
Troubleshooting and maintenance of automatic gearbox
Repair transmission systems and adjust the brake and vehicle speed and lateral slip
Repair and paint auto bodies
Technician of diesel mechanics
Dismantle Inspection and Testing of Gasoline Engines
different types of Vehicles Welding
Test diesel engines for cars
Electronics and automotive electrical systems
Dismantle Inspection and Testing of Gasoline Engines
Mechanical Technician for Cars
Troubleshooting and maintenance of automatic gearbox
Engines 4
Gasoline engine control system
Brake System and Control Systems ABS, EBD, TRC, VSC
Air conditioning and heating system and ventilation in the car
Electronic control system in automatic transmission
Basics of Credit Analysis
Introduction to bank credit
Managing and controlling the non-performing loans
Basics of savings and investment
Bank financing and credit risk analysis
Credit Risk Management for Banks
Financing and credit risk analysis
Financing of enterprises and small projects
Investment funds compatible with Shariah
Preparation and evaluation of feasibility studies
Project management from banking point of view
Technical Analysis indicators for Banks
The basic concepts of Investment
The credit rating of small and medium-sized enterprises
Financing and credit risk analysis
Business & Management
Logistics Information Systems
Strategies Inventory Storage And Treatment Of Irregularities And Idle Stock
Basic Biostatics Skills
Business Center Management
Building Leadership Charisma
Developing Efficient Staff Strategies
E- government in The Light of TQM
Preparing Second Line Leaders
Managerial Skills for Women Leaders
Excellent & Innovation in The Developing Managerial Skills for Superintendents
Managerial Excellent Strategies
Achieving Excellence in Government Agencies
Communication Skills for security guards
Administrative & Behavioral Skills for Office Managers
Advanced Leadership ,Building & Management of High Achievement Teams
Behavioral and creativity skills for modern leader
Building high-performance teams
Enhancing and Improving Performance
Communication & team building skills
Communication and interpersonal skills
Communication skills and art of persuade & influence others
Creative Methods of Problem Solving and decisions Making
Creative leader : leading institutions under changing world
Creative leadership and art of leading change
Creative Leadership for team work " build and manage high performance teams"
Creative Methods of Problem Solving and decisions Making
Creativity and Innovative thinking
Creativity in decision-making & transform creative ideas into operational plans
Crisis management strategies : fundamental , phases & mechanisms
Dealing with Superiors and Subordinates
dealing with the public
Developing and managing of municipal investments
Developing Front staff skills
Developing managerial & leadership skills for senior managers
Developing Middle Management Managers Skills
Developing policies and procedures
Developing Trustees of the Municipal Councils
Development managerial and supervisory skills
Development methods and continues improvement
Document Management (DMS) and Electronic Archiving
Editorial Writing skills
Effective leadership in high-performance organizations
Electronic Records Management
Electronic secretarial
Empowerment & its impact in motivate & Develop of team spirit
Executive secretarial skills for office managers
Four roles of leadership
Fundamental Course for inspect & control on food organizations
Leadership and management skills
How to be a professional & distinguished supervisor ?
How to benefit from your competencies at work
Integrated approach to change management and smart decision-making skills
Integrated Secretarial Skills (time management , setting priorities and dealing with others)
Integrated Secretariat Skills; Protocol & Public Relations skills
Interpersonal skills in the workplace
Leadership & supervisory skills
Leadership, supervision and knowledge management in modern institutions
Leading creativity and positive thinking
Malaysian administrative experience & its applications in the Arab World
Management by BSC
Management by scenarios : modern approach to monitor & analysis future variables
Managerial & behavioral skills for modern leader
Managerial Skills for Executive Secretaries & office managers
Managing Conflict and Stress at work
Modern methods and trends in business development in Governmental Bodies
Modern methods in building & managing effective teams & develop team spirit
Modern methods of planning and follow up
Modern methods of planning and follow-up management of municipal councils
Modern supervisory management: tools, methods and technology
Motivating Subordinates skills & performance appraisal
Motivation skills and the Art of leading others
Personal effectiveness, how to achieve your business and personal goals
Planning and follow-up strategies and assessing business results
Planning and preparation for meetings and Preparing Minutes and reports
Preparing Mails, archiving documents and Preparing Business reports
Preparing Second-line Leaders
President as a Coach
Reaching the peak of personal performance
Seeking Excellence: Developing behavioral skills to achieve the greatest Results
Self-development for administrative assistants
Self-drafting, focus engineering and launch the creative capacity in work
Dealing with others
Skills to deal with the public in the municipalities and localities
Strategic Leadership
Strategic Management and Plans Implementation follow up
Strategic Performance Evaluation
Strategic planning and forecasting the future
Strategic planning, problem solving and decision making using modern tools
Strategic thinking formulate strategies options for organization
Supervisory Skills and change management for modern supervisor
Technical report Writing
Thinking outside the box; Developing Innovative and Creativity skills
Time management & setting priorities
Time Management
Transferring plans & strategies to results and achievements
Modern supervisory management: tools, methods and technology
Reengineering Management Processes
Preparing Professional Reports
Seismic Exploration Fundamentals & Technologies
Leadership Skills Program for Beginners
SPSS (Statistical Analysis Tools)
Leadership and Administrative Creativity
Techniques to secure and protect Facilities Foundation
Executive secretary
Business Risk Management
Decision Base
Innovation and Creativity
Productivity Skills
Strategic Management
Team Building and Public Speaking
Customer Relationship Management
Leading People to Higher Performance
Creative Problem solving Techniques
Simplification of Work Process & Procedures
Work planning and scheduling skills
Management Skills Development for Senior Managers
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines
Conflict Resolution
The Leadership Challenge
Risk Management For Professionals
Team building workshop
Basic Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data
Become a More Effective Manager
Business Change Management
Business Process & Operations Controls
Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
Creative Leadership
Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions
Delegation for Higher Efficiency Without Losing Control
Effective Leadership Needed in Today’s Challenging Business
Leadership & Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors
Management and Decision Making
Motivation for Effective Managers to Promote Results
Strategic Planning
Train of Trainers
Management Skills
Leadership (Basics)
Leadership (Basics)
Documents & records management
Management and  leadership skills for supervisors
Advanced Supervisory skills
Advanced leadership program
Coaching, mentoring and team building skills
Leadership & Supervisory Skills of Modern Professional Manager
Executive Leadership: Delivering Results through Strategic Performance Management
Teamwork at Healthcare Facility
Customer service skills in the provision of health service
methods of administrative thinking and creativity
Crisis management and decision-making
Communication and interpersonal skills
Strategic Leadership ,Team Building & Management of High Achievement Teams
Technical report Writing
Time Management
Communication, interpersonal skills and Time Management
Administrative Procedures and Models Development
Administration Procedures & Models Development
Event Management
Leadership & supervisory skills
The Modern trends in management
Planning, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of work results skills
Building Effective Relationships
Business Development
Advanced Business Process Operations Controls
Enterprise Risk Management
Knowledge Management
Mergers & Acquisitions skills
Reputation Management
Stakeholder Influencing & Management
Strategic Business Management
Advanced Strategic Thinking
Value Engineering
Requirements Engineering
Adapting organizational strategies
Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
Advanced Business Process Management
Coaching & Motivation Skills
Advanced Compensation And Reward Management
Business change management
Developing Efficient Staff Strategies
Facilitation Managemebt
Mastering Supervisory Skills
Operation Management
Advanced Products Management
Risk Assessment
Strategies planning, monitoring and evaluating the results of Business
Business Strategy Execution
Transformational Leadership
Innovation Management & Product Development
Advanced Technical Communication
Technical Communication
Advanced Leading Change Management
Master Data Management (MDM)
Strategic Leadership
Advanced Strategic Management
Advanced Strategic Planning
Advanced Succession planning
Advanced Technical Analysis
Advanced Technical Analysis Strategies
Work Procedures Simplification
Advanced Business Process Optimization
Call Center
Business Crisis Management
Planning & Organizing Skills
Goal Setting & Planning
Debt Collection
Technical reports preparing and writing skills
Setting Smart Goals for Managers
Strategic Planning
Business Analysis and Design Polices
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
Electronic management skills to simplify work procedures, systems and methods
Applying Enterprise Resource Planning by Business Process Reengineering
Decision Making & Problem Solving
Leadership (Basics)
KPI Selection & Management
Excellence in modern secretarial and Office management
Administrative & Secretarial for Office Management
International Train the Trainer and Presenting with Impact Program
Train of trainer
Administrator Skills
The Procedures of the preparation and organization of training programs
Leadership & Management
Achieving and Managing Organizational Goals
Great Leaders, Great Team, Great Results
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Coaching & Mentoring
Project Management Fundamentals
Department Goals & Target Setting
Crisis Management in Harbor Areas
Documents & Records Management
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
Facility Management
Mastering Supervisory Skills
Reputation Management
The Managerial Skills Improvement
Facility Management
Communication skills and art of persuade & influence others & time management course
Virtual/online meetings ethics
Agility and change management
Team Building
Time Management
Document, archives and electronic archiving management systems
Total Quality Management
Design Ops
Omnichannel UX
Journey Mapping
Maxon Cinema 4D
Maxon Cinema 4D – Practical Workshop
Aramco Talk Series
3P - 4P ET (Virtual Presentation)
Leading with Presence: Storytelling
Training of trainers
Administrative Procedures and Models Development
Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
Developing Efficient Staff Strategies
Business change management
Electronic management skills to simplify work procedures, systems and methods
Communication, interpersonal skills and Time Management
Knowledge Management
Strategic Business Management
Risk Assessment in Business
Strategic Leadership
Train the Trainer
Work Procedures Simplification
KPI Selection & Management
Unity Software Training Program
Business ethics
UX Certification Exam
Ideation and Concepting
Prototyping & Testing
Scaling Innovation
Opportunities to Innovate
Leading By KPIs
Leadership Best Practices
Organizing and Prioritizing Tasks
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadline
Strategic Thinking & Operational Planning
Planning and Organizing work - Advanced
Train the Trainer
Business Leadership Skills
Leadership - Drive for Results
Professional Skills for Administrators & Secretaries
Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Fundamentals
Coaching, Mentoring and Team Building Skills
Teamwork - Communication and Relationship Management Skills
Importance of Personnel Development and The effect on their Morale
Advanced Electronic Archiving
Stress Tolerance
Letters writing
Presentation & Communication skills
ClarinetFest® Conference 2022
Facility Management Professional (FMP)
Salaries and expenses
Building Commitment and Accountability
Managing Procedures
Negotiating Agreement
Creative and Innovative
Creative and Innovative Thinking
Preparing Effective Plans
Plan and Organized Work
Change Management
Influence Others
Collaboration and Teamwork
Audit Process
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Document and Records Management
Team Work & Team Building
Report Writing Skills
Coach and Develop Talent and Influence Ohers
Direct Staff and Delegate and Foster Teamwork
Training for Trainers
Coach and Develop Talent and Influence Others
Lead Proactively & Lead and Inspire
Plan and Organize Work
Analyze & Problem Solving
Leadership & Problem Solving
Achieving Leadership Excellence
Administration and Office Management
Advanced administrative orientation to develop work systems and simplify procedures
The five productivity traits to reach optimal results
Management of change and strategic transformation
Strategic leadership, setting future vision, preparing and achieving administrative plans
Advanced Report Writing
Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills
Management of Leadership
Business Management Skills
Risk Management
Coach and Develop Talent
Chemical Engineering
Microbial Contamination in the Reverse Osmotic Plants “RO“
Industrial Water Treatment
Laboratory Quality control Statistical Concepts and Techniques
Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Petroleum Establishments
Chemical Cleaning For Upstream and Downstream Operations
Chemical additives, Post& Pre-Treatment (for sour Gas Export Operation)
Chemical Dosing Package
Civil & Architecture Engineering
Concrete structure defects and their repair
Corrosion Engineering - (NACE)
(CIP) Coating Exam Course 1 (CD-ROM Course)
(CIP) Coating Inspector Program - 1 Day Bridge
(CIP) Nuclear Coating Inspector Program
Designing for Corrosion Control
Coatings in Conjunction with Cathodic Protection (CCCP)
CP Interference
Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management (PCIM)
Basic Corrosion Control
(CIP) Coating Inspector Program - Level I
(CIP) Coating Inspector Program - Level II
(CIP) Coating Inspector Program - Marine - Level 2 Exam
Corrosion Control in the Refining Industry
CP 1 - Cathodic Protection Tester
CP 2 – Cathodic Protection Technician
CP 2 – Cathodic Protection Technician Maritime
CP 3 – Cathodic Protection Technologist
CP 4 – Cathodic Protection Specialist
Internal Corrosion for Pipelines – Advanced
Internal Corrosion for Pipelines – Basic
Basic Corrosion
Customer Service Management
Excellent Service and Extraordinary Customer Care
Measuring customer satisfaction through TQM
Customer Satisfaction Skills
Customer Service Excellence (CSE)
Advanced Customer Focus for Front-line Managers/Supervisors
Advanced Customer Focused For Supply Chain Management
Advanced Customer Needs Mapping
Advanced Creating Customer Focused Processes
Advanced Customer Expertise Technical Training
Advanced Customer Relationship Management
Advanced Customer Segmentation
Advanced Relationship Management
Advanced Developing Front staff skills
Advanced Customer Focus For the Frontline
Advanced Identification of customers and their needs
Customer Relationship Management
Creating Customer Focused Processes
Customer Needs Mapping
Excellence in customer service
Customer Service Excellence (CSE)
Developing Front Staff Skills
Visionary Stakeholder and Relationship Management
Customer service and loyalty
Achieving Excellence in Customers Service
Economic and International Trade
Advanced Export promotion policies
Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation
Electrical & Electronics
Low, Medium and High Voltage switchgear Fundamentals & Performance
Reactive Power compensation and control in Electric power system
Electric utility SCADA distribution Automation (EE014)
Grounding of power system with practical case studies (EE006)
Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineer
Capacitor Application in Transmission and Distribution system
Implementation of New substation restoration system using protective relays and Logic Processor
Planning & scheduling maintenance activities for Electrical voltage 13.8kv
Substation protection and Troubleshooting
Circuit Breaker & Switchgear Application & Maintenance
Safe Operation & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers & Switchgear
Cable Testing & Fault Location
Transformer Operation & Maintenance
Distribution Network Maintenance
Electrical Safety Code
Electricity and Motor Rewinding
LV Circuit Fault Hunting and Troubleshooting
Basic of Electrical Power System (Operation, Control & Protection)
Transmission, Protection and Safety of Electricity
Electrical Systems (Testing & Troubleshooting)
Electrical Power Analyzer
Basic Electricity
Circuit Breakers & Switchgears - Basic
Circuit Breakers & Switchgears Advanced
Construction and Maintenance of the Low Voltage Overhead Lines
Electrical Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of Electric Equipment
Electrical Codes
Electrical and Motor Control Circuits
Electrical Distribution Systems
Electrical Distribution Technology
Electrical Drawing & Wiring
Electrical Fundamentals
Electrical Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Electrical Motor Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Electrical Multi-Craft
Electrical Protection System
Electrical Workshop Testbench
Generators and Electrical Systems
High Voltage Circuit Breakers
High Voltage Electrical Safety
High Voltage Equipment
High Voltage Switches
Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Electrical Domestic Equipment
Motor Control Circuits
Motor Protection, Control and Maintenance
Electrical Motors Testing & Maintenance
Motors, Drives and Automation Systems
Operation and Adjusting Parameters of AC Drives
Operation and Adjusting Parameters of Variable Frequency Drives
Electrical Operation and Protection
Electrical Safety - Certification
Power Generators and Voltage Regulators
Power Quality and Harmonics Effect
Power Supply - AVR
Power Supply and Maintenance
Power Supply and Transformers
Power System Harmonics & Quality
Power Systems
Power Systems Troubleshooting
Reading Electrical Diagrams
Testing, Commissioning, and Operation of Electrical Transformers
Transformer Operation, Maintenance & Testing
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems and Battery Maintenance
UPS Design, Operation & Troubleshooting
Cable Gland Installer to Armored Cables
General Electricity
Control circuits and troubleshooting
Protective Relay Maintenance
Selection and operation of high-pressure cables
Inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical equipment
Technical Maintenance & Troubleshooting Of Marine Electrical Equipment
Operation and maintenance of High Voltage equipments
Motor Operation, Control, Protection and Maintenance
Motor Testing and maintenance
Electric motors and control circuits
Electrical Operation and Protection
Basic Electricity
Home Appliances Maintenance
Household Electrical Wiring
Electrical Troubleshooting
Selection and Maintenance of  High and Low Power Switches
Preventive Maintenance of Electrical devices
Small Electrical Machines
Basic Electricity
Industrial Electrical Maintenance
Maintenance and repair of marine electrical equipment technician
Electrical Safety
Power Electronics & Control
Electrical Machines Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Basics of Electrical Equipment Checking
Electrical Transformers Operation and Maintenance
Maintenance of High Voltage Equipment
Electrical Generators Operation and Maintenance
High Voltage Transformers Maintenance
Electrical Motor Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Electric motors and control circuits
Electrical Acceptance testing of Electrical Equipment
Diesel Generators – Principles
Electrical Arc Flash Protection
Electrical Engineering for Non- Electrical Engineer
Plant Electrical Protection Systems Equipment Types, Repair and Maintenance
Basic electrical engineering for non-electrical engineer
Medium voltage Motor startup and troubleshooting
Adjustable & Variable frequency drive
Electrical Transformers Operation, Maintenance, & Testing
L.V & M.V Cables Selection, Inspection, Installation, Splicing, Termination & Fault Finding
Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques
Electrical Systems, Inspection, Testing, & Troubleshooting
Distribution Network Maintenance
Electrical Operation & Protection
Electrical Safety
Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques
Adjustable & Variable frequency drive
L.V & M.V Cables Selection, Inspection, Installation, Splicing, Termination & Fault Finding
Transformer principle and maintenance
Repair of electrical faults
Electrical Safety Manual
Electrical circuits reading
Electrical Engineering for Non-specialists
Basic Electricity
Electrical Safety
Electrical Hazard Recognition (EHR) and Control – Certification
Electrical Safety Basics
Basics of Electricity & Wiring Training
Stepup & Stepdown Transformers
Circuit Breakers Operation and Maintenance (Advanced Level)
Electric Motor Diagnostics & Basic Motor view Software
Preventive Electrical Maintenance for Buildings (CBD Technical Staff)
L.V & M.V Circuit Breakers & MCC
Medium Voltage Safety Training
Power Transformer Major Inspection, Testing & Troubleshooting
Electrical Hazard Recognition and Control
Finance & Accounting
Financial Audit System In E-Government
Contracts Auditing
Methods of Detection Financial Offenses & Reducing Costs & Expenses
How to deal with the mistakes of government accounting
Accounting Fundamental and preparing financial statements
Anti-Money laundering
Audit Methods and financial inspecting using Computer
Budgeting and oversight of banking
Effective management of accounting departments
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Financial analysis and its uses in rationalizing decisions and maximize profitability
Financial Auditing in Governmental Bodies
Financial planning , Control and performance evaluation in government organizations
Financial planning and budgeting
Financial planning and budgeting for the purposes of planning and control
Foreign trade operations: letters of credit and letters of guarantee
Governmental Accounting, Preparing financial reports and budgets
International Accounting Standards and its applications in Arab organizations
Management Of funds in the money markets and foreign exchange
Management of bank branches
Markets Inspection
Measurement and analysis of risks of short-term financing
Modern methods for measuring profitability and cost analysis and financial report writing
New strategies in Internal Control and Audit Systems
Overall banking document
Performance Indicators and budget Analysis
Preparation of Zakat and Tax Reports
Preparing & Planning of Governmental budgets
Reading and Analyzing Financial Statements & Reports
The final audit and the preparation of financial reports and budgets
The foundations of modern money laundering and how to face them
Finance Internal Auditing
Anti Money Laundry
Auditing Operations Expenses
Internal Control Systems
Principles of Government Accounting
Government Finance Control
Government Financial Analysis
Government Financial Reports
Internal Auditing in Government Agencies
Budgeting & Cost Control
The Practical Application of Internal Audit Procedures
Accounting for Non-Accountant
Advanced Corporate Reporting
Advanced Cost Accounting
Advanced Financial Accounting
Advanced Project Accounting
Basic Accounting
Budgeting For Decision Making
Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning
Cash Flow & Risk Management
Cash Flow & Working Capital Management
Cash Flow Analysis
Cash Flow Management
Cost Management
Cost Control
Cost Estimation
Executive Cost Management
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Financial Analysis Skills
Financial Management for Senior Finance
Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis
General Finance & Accounting Skills
International Financial Management
Managing & Organising Accounts Payable
Mergers & Acquisitions - Financial
Mergers and Acquisitions Standard
Planning & Forecasting
Product Cost
Pricing and Profit Management
Finance for Decision Makers
Financial Modelling
Budgeting (Finance for Non-Finance)
Financial For Non-Financial for Executives
IFRS - International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards
Operating Budgets and Cash Management
Internal audit based
Analysis of financial statements using Financial Ratios
Feasibility studies and evaluation of projects
Feasibility study for real estate projects
Real State Management , evaluation and Estimation “ Pricing “
Financial Analysis and Cost Management and its uses in maximizing profitability
Real estate investment mechanisms and evaluate real estate investment
Management and planning of real estate projects
Evaluation of real estate investments
Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
Basic Financial Accounting
Preparation and analysis of cash flow
Financial analysis and preparation of financial reports and budgets and rationalization of decision
Balance Sheet preparing
IAS & IFRS "International Accounting and Financial reporting Standards"
IAS' And IFRS "International Standards of Accounting & Financial Reporting"
SAMA Rules and Regulations
Anti-Money Laundering
Methods of Detecting Counterfeiting & Forgery in Banknotes & Documents
IAS' And IFRS "International Standards of Accounting & Financial Reporting"
Advanced Accounting and IFRS Reporting
Advanced Financial Analysis Skills
Advanced Financial Audit System
Advanced Pricing and Profit
Advanced Finance for Non Financials
Financial Modelling in Excel
Advanced Inventory Accounting and Costing
Advanced Management Accounting and Budgeting
Account & Territory Management
Financial Statement Analysis
FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
Advanced Finance business partnering
Advanced Financial Markets and Institutions
Advanced Financial Modeler
Financial planning and budgeting
Advanced Pricing Strategy
Advanced Project cost budgeting and monitoring
Advanced Tax Planning
Advanced Treasury Management & Operations
Advanced Zakat & Tax Declaration Preparation
Finance for Non-Financial Professionals
Value Added Tax - VAT Awareness
Value Added Tax - VAT Awareness
Modern Standards for preparing and evaluating the quality of Financial reports
Advanced Trends in planning, financial analysis and budgets preparation using computer
The Advanced Trends in Financial Planning , Analysis and Budgeting Using Computer
Cash Flow Statement
Accounting Fundamentals
Economics For Non Economists
Cash Flow Statement
Financial Accounting Systems
Treasury & Banking
Financial Modeling Advanced
Project Cost Estimating Skills
Treasury Management & Operations
Zakat & Tax Declaration Preparation
Financial Modelling in Excel
Financial Analysis and its use in planning and decision-making
Preparing financial budgets
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Government Accounting
Financial Budgeting & Cost Control
Preparing accounting entries, financial statements and final accounts
Transmission from Cash Basis to Accrual Basis
Internal Control over Financial Reporting
Advanced Financial Analysis Skills
Principles of Financial Accounting
Financial Analysis Basic
Financial Budgeting & Cost Control
Budget Management (Cost and Control)
Food Safety and Hygiene‏
Food Safety and Auditing
Level 4 Award in Food Safety Management for Manufacturing - CIEH Accredited
Advanced Food Safety & Hygiene
Food Sampling for Food Inspectors
Food Risk Analysis for Food Control Authorities
Food Risk Based Inspection
Food Borne Outbreak Incidents Investigation
Basics of Food Safety for Food Handlers
Food Microbiological Risk Assessment
Food Safety Management System Auditing (Based on ISO 22000 & PAS 220)
Food Safety Leadership for Managers
Behavior Based Food Safety & Food Safety Culture
International Code of Practice for Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP)
Food Safety & HACCP for Oil & Gas Industries (OGP guidelines)
Health & Safety for Food Inspectors & HORECA Industries
Hadeed and Cement Industrials
Material Characterization Testing and Quality Assurance
Technology of Forging & Heat Treatment
Instrumentation System
Failure Analysis of Materials and Prevention
Metal Forming Processes and Machines
Technical Measurements
Industrial Safety “Equipment and Procedure”
Selection of Mechanical Components
Heat Treatment for Metals
Engineering Drawing for Technicians and Engineers
Calibration of Digital Instruments
Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Carrier A/C & Chillers
Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Cement Process Control Instruments
Preventive Maintenance of ABB Electrical LV & MV Equipments
SIEMENS Programmable Logic Controller
Gear Boxes: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair
Lathe Procedure & Milling Procedure
Vertical Roller Mills & Kiln Cooler Hydraulic Systems and Maintenance
VFD Parameterization and Maintenance
Destructive and Non-Destructive Tests
ACI concrete license
Health, Safety & Environment
First Aid and Fire Marshal training
Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)
IOSH Managing Safety
Fall Protection
AMAN Systems
Radiation Safety
Confined Space Entry
Safe Handling of N2 & Inert Gasses / O2 Deficiency
Job Safety Analyst
Base Hand Tools Safety
Life Critical Standards
PPE Grid (Personal Protective Equipment)
SWP (Safe Work Permit) Standard Overview
Security Awareness
Issuing SWP Standards
Designed to Protect
SADARA Safety Guidelines, GI’s, Work Ethics, etc.
Management of Life Critical Guards
Global Elevated Work Standard
Global Personal Using Ladders
Global Personal Doing Elevated Work
Use of Fall Protection / Prevention Equipment
Electrical Safety Overview
Arc Flash Suit
Hot Work Standard Overview
Line & Equipment Opening Standard
Plants Emergency Response Plan - (ERP) - Examination & Certification
Process Safety Introduction
Minimum Standard of Conduct
Behavior Based Performance
Guest in House Topic (at Dow Chemical Plants)
Basic First Aid
Analysis and Prevention of Accidents
General Safety
Safety & Loss Prevention
SHEM_ For Affiliate Engineers
Safe Working Procedures
Industrial Safety Engineering
Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHEM)
Environmental Inspection
Health inspection
Infrastructure Inspection
Automotive Workshop Safety Course
Patient Safety Officer Course
Incident Management for Health Care Professionals
Environmental Safety Management
Operational Responsibility For Safety
Use of Fall Protection / Prevention Equipment
Line Of Fire
Hazardous Materials (HazMat) and Chemical Handling
Emergency Response
Off Road Driving Skills
IOSH Working Safely
Safety in Industrial Plants
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
AIR Taser and Vapor Tracer
Crane License Authority
Internal EMS Auditor
Forklift License Authority
Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) - Examination & Certification
Hazard and operability study - HAZOP
HAZOP Advanced
Loss Prevention
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Mechanical Integrity
Overhead Crane License Authority
Radiation Protection
Rigging License Authority
Safety Attitude
Safety Inspector Qualification
Safety Instrumented Systems
Safety Management Skills
Safety Root Cause Analysis
SHE Authority
SHE General
US NSC Safety Inspections
Hazardous Waste and Management
Permit to Work Systems
HAZOP Study for Team Leaders
Lab Safety
Safety Officer
NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work
Basic Rigging and Lifting
Principles of Occupational Safety & Health
Safety management in workplace
Defensive Driving for driving heavy trucks
Basic Industrial safety
First Aid and CPR& fire safety training
Certified Mobile Crane Safety Operation - Advanced
Safety Officer
Industrial and Occupational Safety in workshops
Occupational Safety and Health Professionals
First Aid & CPR
Applied Contingency Planning & Crisis Management
Accident & Incident Investigation
Forklift Operation
Scaffold Competent Person -  ( STI Certification ) 
Crane Safety & Inspection
Effective Safety leadership
Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan
Environment, Health and Safety
Ergonomics Awareness Training
Fire Prevention – Including Statutory Regulations
Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) - Food Safety
Handling Chemical Design for Safe Handling
Handling Emergencies in Plants and Refineries
Handling Hazardous Chemicals
Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment - Examination & Certification
Home Safety
Implementation of Safety Rules at Different Locations
Job Safety Analysis
Light Trucks Drivers Defensive Driving - Certification
Managing Health & Safety at Work Place
Mechanical Failure Analysis and Prevention
10-Hour General Industry - Examination & Certification
30-Hour Construction Industrial - Examination & Certification
30-Hour General Industry - Examination & Certification
Passenger Cars Drivers Defensive Driving - Certification
Pollution Monitoring
Pre-Startup SHE Reviews Leader
Process Hazard Analysis - PHA
DDC- Professional Truck Drivers Defensive Driving - Certification
Root Cause Analysis (Traffic Accidents)
Safe Handling of Gas Cylinders
Safety Audit and Safety Representative
Safety for Safety Professionals
Safety in Material Handling & Storage
Safety Management Technique
Water & Air Quality
Power Plant Safety
Fire Watch
Stand By man
Fire Warden
Working at heights
Hazard Recognition (HR)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Confined Space (CS)
Fire Fighting
Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)
IOSH Working Safely
Occupational Safety and Health
International CODE of safety management and environmental protection of the Sea Ports
Defensive Driving
First aid
DDC- Professional Truck Drivers Defensive Driving - Certification
Process Safety Engineering
Safety Procedures in Work Sit
Handling of Hazardous Cargo in Ports
Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities.
AOSH Security Supervisor Certification Course / Security personal responsibility for plant /
Slips, Trips & Falls
Working in Extreme Temperatures
Advanced Fire Fighting and Control
International Maritime Dangerous Goods
Crisis and Disaster Management
Certified Scaffold Competent Person ( STI - USA)
Electrical Safety Overview
Forklift Operation
Lab Safety
Advanced Scaffold Inspector -  ( STI Certification )
Job Safety Analysis - Examination & Certification
Lab Safety
Risk Assessment within Production Operations
Safety in Industrial Plants
Flagman training
Quitting smoking programs
NASP Safety and Health Diploma
First Aid & CPR
Safety Officer
Process safety Chemical
Advanced Principles of Occupational Safety & Health
Safety Management Systems Processes Audit - Examination & Certification
Environmental Safety Management
Evaluating Process Safety in the Chemical Industry
IOSH Managing Safely
Job Hazard Analysis - Examination & Certification
Occupational Safety and Health Advanced Diploma
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Examination & Certification
Process Safety Boot Camp
Process Safety Fundamentals in General Plant Operations
Fire fighting
Forklift Operation
Development of industrial security systems and regulations
Incident Investigation and Root Cause
Fire Watch
Stand-By Man
Safety Management in Workplace (LOTO – Confined Space – Hazard Identification)
Safety Management Systems Auditing Processes - Certification
Warehouse Safety
First Aid and Fire Warden
Defensive Driving
Safety Officer - Examination & Certification
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials)
Pollution Prevention in Oil & Gas Industry
Safety Training Observation Program (STOP)
Supervisor performance observation Techiqes audit (SPOT)
Safety Manager
Work Permit issuer
Behavior Based Safety Specialist (BBS)
Accident & Incident Investigation
Rescue and Recovery
1 Day Reassessment for Fire Watch & Standby Man
Forklift Operation
Fire Safety
Fire Safety
Shore Safety Checklist
Off Road Driving Skills
Fall Protection
First Aid & Basic Life Support (BLS)
Confined Space and Standby Man
Confined Space Safety and First Aid
Occupational safety and health supervisors preparation as per OSHA standards – Advanced
Occupational safety and health supervisors preparation as per OSHA standards – Begginers
Safety and risks recognition at workshops
Diagnosing defects of plant and determine its causes and treatment
Hazard Recognition & Control
Confined Space Entry (CS)
Chemical handling and hazards
Safe Use and Handling of Chemicals
Lock-out and Tag-out
Safe Use of Tools & Equipment
Defensive Driving
First aid
How to Deal with H2S
Basic Safety & Loss Prevention
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
Accident and incident investigation
Fundamentals Of Risk Management
SCBA & Confined Space Rescue Awareness
Environmental Health Audit and Control
H2S Awareness
Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment - Examination & Certification
Accident & Incident Investigation
Radiation Safety
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Examination & Certification
IOSH Managing Safety - Examination & Certification
Safety & Loss Prevention
Standby Man
HACCP – Level 1
Food Safety Fundamentals
Health and hygiene education
Health and safety of meat, poultry and fish
Confined Space Safety and First Aid
Common diseases between human and animal and infectious diseases
Safety Officer - Examination & Certification
Technical Train Of The Trainer (Confined Space – Gas Tester – Work permit Issuer)
Safety at workplace (Confined space, Gas Tester and work permit issuer)
PHA/HAZOP Leader Training Course
Certified IOSH Managing Safely
Fire Fighting Awareness
Fire Watch Awareness
First Aid Awareness
Fall Protection Awareness
Hazard Recognition & Control Awareness
Confined Space Entry (CS) Awareness
Working at heights Awareness
Chemical Spill Hazard
Flagman training Awareness
Focus Four - Caught-In or -Between Hazards
Focus Four - Struck-By Hazards
Focus Four - Electrocution Hazards
Hand and Power Tool Safety
Construction Worksite Safety
Heavy Equipment Safety
Demolition Safety
Confined Space Safety in Construction
Crane and Derrick Safety
Health Hazards in Construction
Well Site Preparation and Drilling Safety
Introduction to Safety Management
Effective OSH Committee Operations
Safety Supervision and Leadership
Safety Management System Evaluation
Emergency Action Plans
Fire Prevention Plans
Fleet Safety Management
Preventing Workplace Violence
Introduction to Machine Guarding
Introduction to Process Safety Management
Hearing Conservation Program Management
Bloodborne Pathogens Prgm. Management
Managing Workplace Stress
Introduction to Construction Safety Mgt.
Trench and Excavation Safety
Scaffold Safety Program Management
Safe Scaffold Erection and Inspection
Fall Protection in Construction
Focus Four - Fall Hazards
Camp Inspector
First Aider
PHA- HAZOP Awareness Course
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Examination & Certification
DDC- Drivers Defensive Driving - Light - Certification
NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work - Certification
DDC- Drivers Defensive Driving - Heavy - Certification
IOSH Working Safety
Fire Safety and Response
Practical Fire Extinguishers
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Management in Workplace (LOTO – Confined Space – Hazard Identification)
Safety Management in Workplace (LOTO – Confined Space – Hazard Identification)
Industrial Fire Fighting
Confined Space Rescue Awareness
Communication Safety
Electrical & Mechanical Safety
Gas Testing
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) + SCBA
Loads Securing on Heavy Vehicles
Manual Handling & Safe Loading
Safety Management Specialist (SMS)
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Safety Leadership Skills
Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (PSSR)
Certified Safety Manager
Accident & Incident Investigation
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Safety & Loss Prevention
Safety Supervision and Leadership
Fire Prevention Plans
Introduction to Process Safety Management
Introduction to Construction Safety Mgt.
Scaffold Safety Program Management
Safe Scaffold Erection and Inspection
Construction Worksite Safety
Crane and Derrick Safety
Health Hazards in Construction
Safety Management System Evaluation
Emergency Action Plans
Incident & Accident Investigations
Permit to Work (PTW) Refresher Course
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training
Basic First Aid and CPR Rescue
H2S Response Plan (Customized Training Using SCBA)
Industrial Safety & Housekeeping
Fire Fighting Systems Operation & Troubleshooting
Hazardous Materials & Chemical Storage, Use & Handling
Hazardous Waste Management
Permit to Work (PTW) Certification
Firefighting & Firefighting Equipment
Environmental Management and Pollution Control
Basic Safety
Lockout and Tag out (LOTO)
Safe Work Practices
Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
Incident Management
Behavior Based Safety
Electrical Hazards
Advanced Process Hazards Analysis for Supervisors
Basic First Aid CPR AED
Firefighting Training & Prevention
Confined Space Entry
Environmental Awareness
Risk Assessment and Management
Warehouse Safety
Back Injury Prevention Program
Job Safety & Hazard Analysis
Risk Assessment Train the Trainer
Risk Assessment
Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management
The Medical Terminologies
Management of medical records
Medical staff management standards
Management of hospitals and therapeutic institutions
Management of medical records
Medical staff management standards
Healthcare Management & Administration
Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Management of hospitals and medical institutions
Standards of Managing a Medical Staff
Medical records management
Standards of safety management facilities in hospitals
Security management in hospitals and medical institutions
Developing the Skills of Medical and Administrative Staff in Halth Facilities
Human Resources
Improve The Organization's Performance Through KPIs
Preparing & Qualifying Training Coordinators & Supervisors
Evaluating & Developing Employees Competencies
Developing HR& Training Specialist Skills
Developing Skills of Training Department in GOV.
Management Training Activity
Impact of Organizational Justice on Human Resources Policies
Human Resources Re-engineering & Measuring the Return on Human Investment
Best practices excellence in career and development work plans efficiently
Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Skills
Personnel Management from Administrative and Legal Aspects
Developing HR & Training Specialist Skills
Effective Training & Measuring Return On Investement of training
Evaluate and Develop Employees Competencies
Human Performance Technology ( HPT) A new approach to increase Organizational effectiveness & efficiency
Human Resource Management from a Strategic Perspective
Human Resource managers meetings " Road to more distinctive practices"
Identify and analyze training needs
Job Description and classification
Methods of Attracting , Selecting and Appointing employees & interviewing Skills
Modern Roles of Human Resource Management
Performance Appraisal and Salary & Incentives Systems Management
Preparing and Qualifying training coordinators and supervisors
Preparing Organizational Structures and Job analysis & descriptions
Professional Trainer & Interactive Training techniques
Systems & applications used in human resources management (Labor Law / Social Insurance / ……..)
Training Needs Assessment & prepare training plans and budgets
Training Needs Assessment & Preparing Training Paths
Certified Training and Development Professional
Employee Empowerment & Engagement
Human Performance Improvement (HPI)
Attrition Management
Business Etiquette
Career Development
Competency Management
Human Resource Management Skills
Human Resource Planning
Job Evaluation & Analysis
Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success
Manpower planning
Office Management
Payroll Management
Public Relations
Supplimentry Manpower
Dealing with Over Confident Persons
Human resources and assessment of behavioral traits and measuring skills
HR for Non HR Managers
Compensation & Benefits
Critical Thinking for HR Professionals
Human Resource Management Professional - Certification (Certified from USA for level II)
Human Resource Manager - Certification (Certified from USA for level II)
Human Resource Planning Management (HRP)
Performance Management and Appraisal
Planning & Re-Engineering of Human Resources
Training Coordinator Assessment – Certification (Certified from USA for level II)
Training Needs Analysis and Return on Investments - Certification (Certified from USA for level II)
Salary Structure, Career Path Planning and Growth
HRICA - Human Resources International Certificate Association
HRICE - Human Resources International Certificate Expert
HRICP - Human Resources International Certificate Professional
Human Resource Management Skills
Methods of Attracting, Selecting and Appointing employees and Interviewing Skills
Advanced HR Analytics
Advanced HR business partner development programme
Advanced Human Resource Planning Management
Advanced Human Resource Development Learning and Training for Individuals and Organizations
Advanced Learning and Development Training
Advanced Measuring The Effectiveness Of Employee
Advanced Strategic Human Resources Management
Advanced Compensation & Benefits Management
Advanced External Relations, Training and Competition Advocacy
Advanced HR Business Partner
Advanced Managing Learning and Development
Advanced Manpower planning
Advanced Measuring the Impact of Training
Advanced Strategic HR Business Partner
Advanced Strategic HR Management Flyer for Corporations
Advanced Talent Management & Development
Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Skills
Certified Human Resources Manager CHRM
Creativity in Training
Human Resources Management
Government performance measurement Criterias
E-HR: Modern Trends and Applications
Human Resources Management professional (HRMP)
Business Etiquette
Office Management
Manpower planning
Measuring The Effectiveness Of Employee
Performance Management and Appraisal
Measuring The Effectiveness Of Employee
Performance Management and Appraisal
الجدارات الوظيفية وتطبيقاتها في إدارة الموارد البشرية
E-HR: Modern Trends and Applications
HRICE - Human Resources International Certificate Expert
Compensation & Benefits Management
Advanced Strategic HR Business Partner
Improve The Organization's Performance Through KPIs
HRICA - Human Resources International Certificate Association
HRICP - Human Resources International Certificate Professional
Human Resource Management
Learning and Development Training
Manpower planning
Performance Management and Appraisal
Training Needs Assessment & Preparing Training Paths
Government performance measurement Criteria's
HR business partner development
Preparing & Qualifying Training Coordinators & Supervisors
Certified KPI Professional Training Course
Certified KPI Professional Training Course
The Certified KPI Professional
Human Resource Management
Attracting competencies, motivating employees, and reducing job leakage
Key Performance Indicators
Industrial Programs & Utilities Engineering
Basic Analytical Chemistry
Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
Hose Standard
Piping System
Master Task List
Chemistry Basics 1
Chemistry Basics 2
Industrial Math 3 Classes
Heat Exchangers
Piping & Auxiliaries
Chemistry Material Balance
Plant Science
Pipe & Valves
OPWP Overview (Operating Plant Work Process)
Root Cause analysis
Vibration Analyst
Corrosion and Materials
Making Presentation
Effective Supervisor
Situational Leadership
Coaching for Performance
Compressors (Operation, Control, Startup, Shutdown, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Value Engineering
Basic Heat Transfer & Exchanger
Valves & Actuators
Fundamental of lube oil system ,sample collection and analysis - Level l
fleet mechanics Trucks & cars
FMES Design and Process (Virtual)
Pumps and Valves-Selection, Maintenance, Inspection and Trouble Shooting
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
Maintenance Support: Planning, Control And Documentation
Materials Preparation course
Heat Exchangers Types and Maintenance
Light Microscopy of Carbon Steels
Steam Trap construction, installation and maintenance
Mobile Crane
Overhead Crane
Turbomachinery Design and Performance
Bearing Maintenance
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation
Advanced Waste Treatment
Oily Water Treatment Technology
Boiler Water Treatment Technology
Water Distribution Systems & Pumping Stations
Water Injection Treatment Chemicals
Hydraulic Modeling for Water Network Design
Pump Fundamentals
Liquid Piping Systems Fundamentals
Packaging Plant Operation & Maintenance
Tank Farms: Design, Operation, Instrumentation, Inspection, Maintenance, Performance & Efficiency
Tensile Testing for Steel Industries, Theoretical Parts
Oil analysis interpretation Level ll
Quality Control Of Precast Concrete
Process Plant Troubleshooting
Basic Process Control Analog & Digital
Lifting Tackles Inspection
Central air conditioning - Split
Home Appliances - Washers and Dryers
Industrial Valves
Engineering Maintenance, Procedure & Planning
Advanced Crane Operator
Advanced Practical Drilling Skills
Advanced Rigging and Slinging
Advanced Valves Technology
AMS Machinery Manager
Bearings in Gear Boxes
Best Practices in Gas Flow Measurements
Best Practices in Maintenance Management
Best Practices in Process Level Measurement
Centrifugal Compressor Maintenance
Centrifugal Pump
Chemical Engineering for Non-Specialists
Computerized Maintenance Management System - CMMS
Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)
Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) : M79A
Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines
Control Valves and Actuators
Utilities Engineering and Cooling Tower Operation
Cutting Tools
Driller/Assistant Driller Skills
Drilling Hole Problems & Practical Solution
Energy Conservation & Energy Audits in Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries
Fluid Mechanics Calculation - Hydraulic Calculation
Fundamentals of Mechanical Maintenance
Computer Numerical Control Code (CNC) Programming for Turning & Milling
Heat Exchanger Overview Performance & Operations
Hydraulic Circuits (Theory, Components & Practice)
Industrial Water Treatment
Introduction to Painting Inspectors
Lathe Procedures
Machinery Diagnostics
Machinery Failure Analysis & Prevention
Maintenance for Gas & Oil Separation Plants
Measurement & Control of Fluid Flow, Level, Temp. and Pressure
Mechanical Alignment
Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanical Maintenance Planning and Implementation
Mechanical Seals
Mechanical Testing, Level I
Mechanical Troubleshooting
Metallurgical Failure Analysis
Metallurgy of Steel for Non - Specialists
Milling Center Policies and Procedures
Offshore Cranes (Operation, Maintenance,Testing & Inspection)
Offshore Personnel Lifting Equipments : Crane Manbasket
Pipe Stress Analysis, Expansion Joint and Support Selection
Pipe Work Design & Fabrication
Piping Design Construction & Mechanical Integrity - Advanced
Piping Stress Analysis
Pneumatics System
Polymer Processing and Testing
Troubleshooting in Chemical Plants
Preparation of Sample, Level I
Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Pump Operation and Maintenance
Pumps, Compressors, Turbines & Troubleshooting
Pumps & Valves
Rig Inspection and Maintenance
Selection of Materials for Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
Separators (Operation, Design, Maintenance & Inspection)
Shaft Alignment and Vibration Analysis
Sheet Extrusion Technology
Certified Overhead Crane Safety Operation - Basic
Rigging and Slinging – Level II
Certified Mobile Crane Safety Operation - Basic
Certified Rigging and Slinging – Level I
Forklift Maintenance Fundamentals
Preventive Maintenance and Equipment
Pneumatic and hydraulic brake systems (petrol - diesel)
Lifting Equipment Maintenance
Mechanical Technician Essential Skills
Steam Turbine Technology & Maintenance - Advance Technology
Storage Tanks (Operation, Design, Inspection & Maintenance)
Surface Operation in Oil and Gas Production
Testing for Chemical Deterioration & Homogeneity of Materials
Valve Operation and Maintenance
Pump Vibration Testing
Total Productive Maintenance - TPM
Industrial Water Treatment
HVAC Systems
Protection and Operating for Technicians
Elevator maintenance technician
Operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of pumps and compressors
Nautical Mechanics Technician
management system of Asset and the principles of corrosion and the choice of materials
Maintenance and repair of air conditioning equipments Technician
Air-Conditioning mechanics Technician
Maintenance of pumps and valves
Electrical and mechanical Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Fundamentals of Pump & Compressor System
REVIT STRUCTURE-MODEL 3D Building Information Modeling
Vibration Measurements and Diagnostics
Container terminal management
Economic & Technical Evaluations in Engineering & Maintenance
Modern Maintenance Technologies
Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices
Modern Maintenance Technologies
basic air conditioner ( COL 002 )
Implementing Effective Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
OptimiZing Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Decisions
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Protection and Operating for Technicians
Irrigation System
Chemical laboratory in petroleum industry
Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Prep Course
Vibration Monitoring, Analysis & Balancing.
Associate Value Specialist (AVS) Certification
The Fundamentals of Air conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Air Conditioners Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Installation and maintenance of sanitary fittings (Plumbing)
Air conditioning and Refrigeration equipment’s Maintenance and operation
Electrical elevators operation and Maintenance
Local Trainer for Hydraulic Equipment
Advanced Distillation Troubleshooting
Good Laboratory Practice
Non-Ionizing Radiation
Controlling Maintenance Resources
Installation, Application, and Maintenance
Process Control
Process Plant Operations, Troubleshooting and Special Problems
Pumps Fundamentals, Operations, Maintenance
Surface Operations in Oil & Gas Productions
Advanced General Plant Knowledge & Interaction
Distillation Column Operations
Engines Testing and maintenance
Flare System, Operations and Design
Manufacturing Operations Planning and Control
Mechanical Pneumatic and Hydraulic Maintenance for CNC Machines System
Operations Management
Process & Operations Controls
Process &Flow assurance
Process engineering
General Carpentry Skills
General Plumping
Process Control Systems
Engineering Assembly Techniques
Workplace Organization and Standard Operating Technologies
Technology and Operation of Desalination Plants
Water Chiller Units, Operation & Maintenance
Electrical Elevators Maintenance
Desalination Plants Measuring – R.O
Pressure Safety Relief Valves - Operation, Maintenance and Inspection
Preventive Maintenance Technician Qualifying
Microbial Contamination in the Reverse Osmotic Plants “RO“
Modern ways in the maintenance of refrigeration equipment
HVAC(Refrigeration / Brazing)
Water Desalination plant daily reporting skills and techniques
Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
Chemical Safety
IADC Well control - Well intervention
IADC Well control -Drilling Supervisor
Modern applications for operation and maintenance
Flare System (Maintenance -OMD)
MSF Plants Operations & Troubleshooting
P & ID's Principles
P & ID's Principles
Plant Operation Fundamentals & Emergency Shutdown (Operations)
Chemistry Basics
Desalter Pre-settling System
Steam Generator Operations & Troubleshooting
Energy Isolation: Standards, Techniques and Best Practices
Operation & Troubleshooting of Polished Water system for Power Plant Operators
Rotating Equipments Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Heat Transfer & Exchanger
Chlorination Units (PRE & POST)
Information Technology
Programing in JAVA
MIS – Management Information Systems
Computer and Structure, Inc.'s software, ETABS
Sub-plots Running on Network Computing International
End User Guide – Al Elm System
System administrator (Drupal, CMS)
Developer (PHP)
Database administrator (MySQL)
Excel 2010
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Advanced
A+ Core Hardware
Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices
Software Quality Assurance
Introduction to Visual Basic Programming
Developing Web Sites Using Java Scripts
DataBase Fundamentals
Wireless Computer Networks
Basics of Computer Networks
Managing Firewalls
Oracle DataBase Systems
Basic Computer System Security
Microsoft SQL Server
MS Access Programming
E-government Strategies and Applications
Managing software projects
Administering Windows Operating System at Work Station
Introduction to JAVA programming
Visual Basic Report Designer
MCITP Enterprise Administrator
Adobe illustrator Creative Suite 5 - Full Track
Adobe illustrator Creative Suite 5 - Full Track
Advanced SAP Skills
Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
Computer Science Basics
Micro Station Level 1 & 2
Excel Microsoft Office - Advanced Level
AutoCAD 2D - Advanced
AutoCAD - Basic
Microsoft Projects 2010
Primavera Project Planner (Enterprise) - Advanced
Primavera Project Planner (Enterprise) - Basic
Microsoft office
AutoCAD for Landscape Architecture
Advanced MS Office Outlook 2013
Adobe Reader and Adobe Writer
MCSA Servers
Excel intermediate + advance
Microsoft office
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
Excel Microsoft Office - Intermediate Level
Advanced Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator
Advanced Ethical Hacker
Advanced Information Security Management
Advanced IT Quality Management
Advanced IT Strategy & Architecture
Advanced ITIL Demand Management
Advanced ITIL Service Operation
Advanced Network Infrastructure Design
Advanced Secure Programmer
Advanced Excel
ITIL - Foundation
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Excel skills
Microsoft Excel skills
AutoCAD Beginner to Advanced Series
AutoCAD For Beginner
Microstation For Beginner
Compute science – MS Office
Basic Excel 2016
Advanced Excel 2016
CISM - Certified Information Security Manager
ITIL Foundation V4
CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Cobit Foundation 5
صيانة الحاسب الآلي والطابعات
MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) - Advanced
Data Loss Prevention Troubleshooting for End Users
Microsoft Excel Level 2
Microsoft Office Advanced
Microsoft Excel
ITIL - Foundation
Institute of Mechanical Engineers
Paint Inspector Level 1
Cathodic Protection Data Collector/Tester – On-Land Metallic Structures - Level 1
Paint Inspector Level 2
Paint Inspector Level 3
Pipeline Coatings Inspector Level 2
Pipeline Coatings Inspector Level 2
Cathodic Protection Technician – On-Land Metallic Structures - Level 2
Cathodic Protection Technician – Marine Metallic Structures - Level 2
Cathodic Protection Technician – On-Land Metallic Structures - Level 3
Cathodic Protection Technician – Reinforced Concrete Structures - Level 2
Senior Cathodic Protection Technician – Reinforced Concrete Structures - Level 3
Cathodic Protection Technician – Marine Metallic Structures - Level 3
Paint Inspector Level 1
Cathodic Protection Data Collector/Tester – On-Land Metallic Structures - Level 1
Instrumentation & Control
Advanced Data Analysis Techniques-IK
Advanced Operational Skills
Basic Operation Skills
Steam boilers operation design, maintenance and troubleshooting
Distillation Operation, Control, and Troubleshooting
Heat Exchangers in Practice
Metallurgical Furnace
Plant Startup and Commissioning
Process Plant Troubleshooting
Control System
Control Valves
Distributed Control System (DCS)
Fundamental of Industrial Automation
Fundamental of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) And Scada Systems
Fundamentals of Instrumentation, Process Control, Programmable Logical Controls and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for Plant Operators
Gas Analyzer
Gas Chromatograph Process Analyzer
Instrument Safeguarding
Measurement & Control
Metering Pumps
On Line Gas Analyzer System
Process Control & Loop
Process Control and Instrumentation
Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
Radiography Instrumentation
Vibration Techniques
PLC "Programmable Logic Controllers " Installation, Operation, And Troubleshooting
Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical System
Programmable logic controller (PLC)
Advanced Gas Chromatography
Basic Instrumentation & Control
Electrical , electronics , control maintenance for cnc machine system
Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Process Control
Pricing management in health insurance
Scientific methods of internal audit for insurance companies
Risk concept for insurance companies
Customer Relationship Management for the insurance sector
Terms of Arbitration and Insurance dispute resolution
Risk Management for Social Insurance
Modern methods of insurance compensation management
Insurance against Transport risks (Maritime - goods
Analysis and conclusion of health and medical insurance contracts
Social Insurance - practical applications in both public and private sectors
Modern methods of insurance compensation management
Advanced Technical / Business Writing
English Course
Advanced Effective Reading
English Level 1
English Level 2
Basic English
Technical English Vocabulary
English for beginners (Level 1)
Laws & Legalization
Legal aspects of lending (Specially For Corporate Loans operations)
Arts of Administrative Investigation
Contemporary Parliamentary structures Models
Develop the skills of the members of the legal departments
Developing Legal Mangers & Officials Skills
Drafting Techniques of parliamentary Legislations & Regulations
Formulate Systems, Internal regulations and Administrative Decisions
Fundamentals of Legal pleadings
Fundamentals of New Labor Law
Integrated Skills in Parliamentary Affairs
Legal aspects of commercial contracts
Legal Investigation procedures & Settle of Labor Disputes
Legal investigations Instructions
Planning, formation and developing parliamentary committees
Prepare and Present Parliamentary Reports
Recent trends in commercial contracts and legal regulations drafted
Structures of parliaments and stages of Preparing and Drafting Legislations
Technical basis for preparing and drafting Legal documents, Regulations and Decisions
Saudi Labor Law "System" – نظام العمل السعودي
The Arts of Writing parliamentary Reports and Minutes of Meeting
Legal System for Administrative Contracts
Disputes of Administrative Responsibility
Saudi Labor Law and last Updates
Advanced Drafting Contracts and Legal Documents
Advanced Legal Compliance
Advanced Legal Knowledge & Analysis
Advanced Peacebuilding and advocacy
Advanced Preparation of Legal and Administrative Memos
Advanced Statutory Compliance
Advanced Writing & Drafting Legal Documents Masterclass
Saudi Labor Law - Legal Aspects of Human Resources
Saudi Labor Law "System"
Saudi Labor Law "System"
Lifting Equipment
Confined Space Entry Standard Overview
Rigging & Slinging
Safe Loading & Unloading
Forklift Safety Operations
Mobile Crane Safety Operation
Rigging and Slinging – Level I
Rigging and Slinging – Level II
Certified Forklift Safety Operations - Practical
Lifting Jacks
Crane Operator
Certified Forklift Safety Operations - Practical
Forklift Safety Operations
Mobile Crane Safety Operation
Safe Loading & Unloading
Rigging and Slinging- Basic
Rigging and Slinging – Advanced
Rigger Level 3
Rigger Level 1
Rigger Level 2
Rigger Level 3
Confined Space Entry Standard Overview
Mechanical and Electromechanical Engineering
Fire Fighting Sprinkler System Design & Testing
Air Conditioning System Control Systems, Code and Standard
Compressor & Steam Turbine
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Centrifugal Gas Compressor (Operation, Control, Startup, Shutdown, Maintenance & Troubleshooting)
Diesel Engine (Construction, Operation & Maintenance)
Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance and Protection
Pressure Safety Relief Valves - Operation, Maintenance and Inspection
Pumps & Compressors Operations, Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Injection Systems Operation & Maintenance (Gas – Diesel)
Advanced Valve Technology (Design, Selection, Installation, Applications, Inspection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting)
Vibration Analysis and Mechanical Inspection
HVAC System (Humidity, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance
Centrifugal pump theory, design, troubleshooting and maintenance
Compressor maintenance
Centrifugal pump maintenance
Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance
Steam Trap construction, installation and maintenance
Steam Turbine Technology & Maintenance
Central air conditioning equipment’s operation and Installation
Elevator maintenance technician
Air conditioning and Refrigeration equipment’s operation and Maintenance
Design & Construction of Piping System
Hydraulic & Pneumatic System
Refrigeration and air conditioning - Modern trends for operation, maintenance and energy saving
Modern technology for the operation and maintenance of elevators and escalators
Mechanical Inspection System
Rotating Equipment Alignment & Laser Alignment
Pumps operation, shutdown, and troubleshooting
Lube Oil Systems Components, Operation & Troubleshooting
Valves troubleshooting & maintenance
Diesel Fuel System
Operator of Centre Lathe Machine
Valves troubleshooting & maintenance
Valve inspection and Testing
Operator of Radial Drill Machine
Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals & Repair
Centrifugal & Reciprocating pumps maintenance and troubleshooting
Heat Exchanger operation, shutdown, and troubleshooting
Pipe Failures- Causes and Prevention
Fabrication of Gears & Operator of Universal Milling Machine
Tank farm types, operations & Troubleshooting
Mechanical Overhaul of LV/MV Induction Motors
Shock and Vibration Analysis1
Mechanical Seal (Wet & Dry)
Bolted Joint Assembly Principles
Instrument Air System
Bolted Joint Assembly Principles
Petrophysics integration of reservoir openhole logs, core and testing data
Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals & Repair
Heat Exchanger operation, shutdown, and troubleshooting
Rotating Equipment Alignment & Laser Alignment
Shock and Vibration Analysis
Pipe Failures- Causes and Prevention
Compressor Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Piping System (Pipeline Design, Inspection and Testing)
Pipe Failures- Causes and Prevention
Mechanical Seal
Tank farm types, operations & Troubleshooting
Technical Training level 1
Technical Training level 2
Piping Systems - Mechanical Design and Specification
Shock and Vibration Analysis
Corrosion Management in Production/Processing Operations
Heat Exchanger operation, shutdown, and troubleshooting
Valve and Actuator Technologies
Fluid Flow and Rotating Machinery
Technical Training level 4
Bolted Joint Assembly Principles
Heat Exchangers & Fin Fan Cooler Operations
Generator Construction, Operation & Excitation
Pumps Operation, Shutdown and Troubleshooting
Gas Turbine Fundamentals
Boilers and Fired Heaters Operations
Sizing, Selecting, and Applying Process Control Valves
Generator Fundamentals & Troubleshooting
Generator Construction, Operation and Excitation
Elevators & Escalators Inspection
Advanced Development in Refractory & its applications
Centrifugal Pump Maintenance and Overhaul
Gas Compressor Principles
Oil & Gas Separation Principles
Pumps Types, Operation & Maintenance (Batch 1)
Chlorination System Operation in WD Plant
Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals & Repair
Diesel Engine Overhaul
Mechanical Overhaul of LV/MV/HV Induction Motors
GE Gas Turbine Electrical Generator Construction, Operation & Excitation
Machinery Failure, Vibration and Predictive Maintenance
Between Bearings Pump Repair (BBPR)
Cooling Tower System (Desalter)
Shutdown Valves Auto/ Manual Operation (Offshore)
Shock and Vibration Analysis
Tank & Booster Pump Principle of Operation (Loading)
Pipe Failures- Causes and Prevention
Pumps Types, Operation & Maintenance
Transformer Operational Principles, Selection & Troubleshooting
Basic Vibration Analysis
Centrifugal Pump Operations
Electrical Submirsible Pumps (ESP)
Stabilizer and Dethnizer system (Gas Processing & NGL)
Mechanical Inspection System
Root Cause Analysis Fundamentals (for Maintenance Staff)
Gas Dryer Operation & Maintenance
Slick Line Operation
Cooling Chillers Principles & Operation
Pumps Operation, Shutdown & Troubleshooting
Heat Exchanger operation, shutdown, and troubleshooting
Mechanical Seal
Workshop Practical Measurements (Hands-On-Training)
Fire Fighting Pumps Types, Construction & Operation
Operation of Gas Compressor Driven by Gas Turbine
Root Cause Failure Analysis
Valves Types, Operation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Booster Pump Operation
Centrifugal Pumps Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Emergency Diesel Generator Operation
Pumps Operation, Maintenance & Alignment
UPS System, Battery & Battery Charger Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Pumps & Compressors Operations, Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Media and Public Relations
Public Relations Professional
Corporates Social Responsibility (CSR)
Business Etiquette and Protocols
Public Relations and Media Skills
Events and Conferences Management
Public Relations Professional
Business Etiquette and Protocols
Metallurgy Science
Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist
Material Selection for petroleum Application
Introduction to Corrossion forms and metigation process
Metallurgical Science
Welding Metalurgy
Materials Selection and Failure Analysis
Metals and minerals
Metal Fabrication Qualification
Heat Treatment for Metals
Introduction to Corrosion forms and mitigation process
Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
Metallurgical Failure Analysis
Metallurgical Lab
Metals and minerals industry
Metal Forming Processes and Machines
NDE, Inspection, Nondestructive Examination and AWS
Level I Thermography Training
Radiographic Testing Level II - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Leak Testing Level II
Leak Testing Level I
Industrial Welder Specialist
Level II Thermography Training
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I & II
Visual Testing Level I & Level II
Visual Testing Level I
Visual Testing Level I & Level II
Eddy Current Testing Level II - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Magnetic Particle Testing Level I
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I
Acoustic Emission Level II
Acoustic Emission Level I
Inspection NDT - FPI Technician Level II
Digital Photography
Infrared Thermography Testing Level 2
Magnetic Particle Testing Level II
Visual Testing, Level II
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level II
Industrial Welding
Basic NDE, Level III - ASNT Certification Preparatory
Basic Vibration Analysis Physics Level I
Eddy Current Testing Level I
Eddy Current Testing Level II
Infrared Thermography Testing Level I
Introduction to NDT
Liquid Penetrant Testing, Level III
Magnetic Particle Testing, Level III
Phased Array & Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
Preparatory Course for Certification Scheme For Welding Inspection Personnel (CSWIP) Examination
Preparatory Course for American Welding Society - Certified Welding Inspector (AWS CWI) Examination
Radiographic Film Interpretation
Radiographic Testing, Level I
Radiographic Testing, Level II
Radiographic Testing, Level II
Ultrasonic Testing, Level I
Ultrasonic Testing, Level II
Ultrasonic Examination Level III - Preparatory Course
Visual Testing, Level III
Certified NDT Package - UT,VT,LPI,MPI, Level 1 - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Retrieval of Radioactive Source
Welding Technology
Radiographic Projector Maintenance
CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector
CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding Inspector
CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector - Level 2
CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding Inspector - Level 3
Radiographic Examination Level III - ASNT Certification Preparatory
Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI) Certification Preparatory
Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Examination Level I&II - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certifications
Ultrasonic Examination Level 1&II - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Radiographic Examination Level I&II - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Visual Examination Level 1&II - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Visual Examination Level III - Preparatory Course
Certified NDT Package - UT,VT, RT, LPI and MPI, Level II - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Basic NDT, Level III
Electromagnetic Testing Level III
Radiographic Examination Level I - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Radiographic Examination Level III - ASNT Certification preparation
Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI) Certification Preparatory
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level-II & Magnetic Particle Testing Level-II
Radiographic Examination Level I&II
Ultrasonic Examination LV.2 - ASNT SNT-TC-1A Certification
Magnetic Particle & Liquid Penetrant Examination LV.2 - Certification
Visual Testing Level I & Level II - Certification
Visual Examination Level II - ASNT Certification
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I & II
Ultrasonic Examination LV. 1&2 - Certification
Magnetic Particle & Liquid Penetrant Examination LV. 1&2 - Certification
التفتيش الهندسى بطريق الإختبار البصري - المستوى الاول والثانى - حسب متطلبات الجمعية الامريكية للاختبارات الغير اتلافية - شهادة معتمدة
Certified Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI) Certification Preparatory
Oil & Gas Process Technologies & Operations
Towers and towers internals Selection, Sizing ,Operation and Troubleshooting
Steam traps , pipelines & steam generation system
Fired heater design, maintenance ,operation and troubleshooting
Planned Shutdown and Critical Activities, Isolation, Startup & Commissioning
Pressure Relief Systems and Flare systems, Operation, Design, Startup, Troubleshooting and Shutdown
Understanding and Interpreting Technical Drawings (P&ID, PFD and UFD) and Documentation
Petroleum Crude and Products Storage tank and tank farm operation ,selection ,design
Aspen HYSIS Dynamics : Advanced Dynamic Modeling
Paraffin and Asphaltenes In Crude Oils field production
Chemicals Treatment in Oil & Gas Processing
Natural Gas Processing, Start up, Shutdown, Troubleshooting and Special Problems
Advanced LPG, NGL Technology
Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR)
Hydrogen production ,management and PSA purification
Management of Hydrocarbon losses in oil and gas
Oil and gas waste disposal control and management
Emergency and Process Shut-down (ESD and PSD)
Fluid Flow and Rotating Machinery
Salt Removal from Crude Oil
Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Industry
Blanket Gas System (at oil/Gas process Facilities)
Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) For Operators
Treating & Handling of Oil Field Water
Oil & Gas Fiscal Metering
Oil & Gas Processing (KJO Facilities)
Closed & Open Drain System (at oil/Gas process Facilities)
Basic Reservoir Engineering
Artificial Lift Systems
Wireline Formation Testing and Interpretation
Reservoir Management
Closed & Open Drain System (at oil/Gas process Facilities)
Well Test Design and Analysis
Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Industry
Blanket Gas System (at oil/Gas process Facilities)
Treating & Handling of Oil Field Water
Pigging operations
ArcGIS Essentials for Petroleum
Petroleum Storage Tanks Safe Cleaning
Gas Testing & Breathing Systems
Purification and processing of crude oil
Oil refining operations
Crude oil processing Course
Pipe technology in the petroleum industry
Control of corrosion and material selection in the oil and gas industry
Distillation, monitoring and troubleshooting
Pigging operations for KRG
Corrosion inhibitor Dosing System for OFD Operators
Planned Shutdown and Critical Activities, Isolation, Startup & Commissioning
ArcGIS Essentials
Practical Shutdown and Turnaround Management for Engineers
Purging Procedure, Safe Lineup Procedure, Start up and Commissioning (Offshore)
Pressure Relief Valve Repair
GE Gas Fuel System (Gas Fuel Electric Super Heaters and Filtration System Operations)
Practical Shutdown and Turnaround Management
Oil & Gas Operations
Flare Systems Operations
Storage Tanks Operation and Maintenance
Hot Oil Heater Package
MSF Desalination Plant Operation
Water Oil Separation Process WOSP
Effective Shift Handover
Crude Oil & Lube Oil: Specs and Analysis
The chemical composition of petroleum products
Petrochemical Industry Fundamentals
Petrochemical industry Economics
Main petrochemical products and applications
Hydrocarbon Chain
Air pollution sources, detection and technologies for reduction.
Laboratory Safety and Health
Introduction to polymer Chemistry
Operation skills
Introduction to Hydrocarbons
Petroleum Refining/ Petrochemical wastewater treatment
Towers and towers internals Selection, Sizing ,Operation and Troubleshooting
Water Treatment & Analysis
Power plants
Lube Oil Systems Components, Operation & Troubleshooting
Cooling water System
Pulse air cleaning of Intake air filters
Air Compressors & Compressed Air System
Process Engineering
Process Safety Engineering
Oil and Gas Processing
Process Control & Loop
Process Plant Operations and troubleshooting
Steam traps , pipelines & steam generation system
PHA (Process Hazard Analysis)
Chemical Process safety
Hydrogen production ,management and PSA purification
Process Control and Loop Tuning
Procurement, Logistics and Transportation
Excellence in Materials Management Inventory
Occupational Safety and Handling Hazardous Materials in Warehouses
Applying TQM in Purchasing and Warehousing
Assessing & Evaluating Warehouses
Developing Practices and Procedures in the warehouses
Developing skills of Inventory Control Supervisors
Effective Procurement Management and Inventory Control
Inventory control and Maximizing Profitability of the Idle Stock
Modern Methods in Resources Management
Modern Methods in Warehouses Management & Inventory Control
Management of stores and warehouses in governmental institutions
Stocktaking and disposal of idle stock
Warehouses Management & Inventory Control
Warehouses Management and Stock Control using the Computers
Inventory Control and Accurate Measurement of Inventories
Procurement and Contract Management and Effective Negotiation
Modern Management Methodologies in Services and Purchase Contracts
Planning And Purchasing Needs Identification And Control Of Inventory
Production Operations Planning and Control
Contract Negotiation Skills
Customs & Shipping Skills
Letters of Credit
Logistics and Incoterms
Project Contract Management
Purchasing Skills
Supplier Assessment
Understanding the Process and Successful Strategies for Bidding
Tendering & Contracting Management
Inventory management and material handling
Advanced Procurement, Contract Management and Effective Negotiation
Supply Chain for Food and Beverages covering Purchasing , Logistic and Warehousing
Stock Control and Materials Management
Integrated Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management & Stock Control
Logistics Management
Advanced Warehouse Management
Purchasing & Contracting Strategies
Shipping Agencies; Means & Tools
Tendering & Contracting Management
Understanding the Freight Business
Warehousing & Material Handling Management
Government Competition and Procurement System
logistics Applications in maritime transportation sector
Basic Procurement, Contract Management and Effective Negotiation
Materials Resources Planning (MRP) Course
Apics cscp certified supply chain professional
Shipping Documents
Incoterms Training
Integrated Supply Chain Management
Advanced Contract Drafting
Advanced Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Advanced Supply Chain & Operations Management
Tenders & contract management
Advanced Storage and inventory security
Advanced Supply Chain Improvement & Optimization
Global Supply Chain Management
International Supply Chain Management Associate
International Supply Chain Management Expert
Lean Supply Chain Management
Procurement Strategies
Strategic Sourcing Procurement
Strategies Inventory Storage And Treatment
Supply Chain Improvement & Optimization
Tendering and Contracting Management & Logistics
EHSS Supply Chain Management
Advanced Inventory Management & Stock Control
Advanced Logistics and Incoterms
Advanced Logistics Management
Advanced Logistics, Transportation & Distribution Foundation
Advanced Purchase Management & Inventory Control
Logistics & Material Management
Logistics manager
Logistics Processes
Procurement Management and Inventory Control
Procurement, Contract Management and Negotiation
Purchasing & Contracting Strategies
SCM and Risk Management for loading &Terminal Performance
Warehouse Inventory Skills
Contract Management
Contract Drafting for non-lawyers
Basic Procurement, contract management and effective negotiation
Contracting Strategy & Administration
Supply Chain Management
Procurement Management
Warehouses management
Procurement System
Procurement and contract management
Quality standards in procurement
Inventory and stock control
Store Management and Standardization
Warehouse & Store Management
Managing Tenders Specifications & Contracts
Warehouse Management
Project Management
Feasibility study for investment projects
Measuring and Improving Productivity in Projects
Planning, scheduling and project management using Primavera 6
Preparing Project Budgets
Project Feasibility Study
Project Management & control systems
Project management & costing methods
Project Management Institute Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)® exam certification
Project Planning and Scheduling using Computer
Projects Feasibility Study & Evaluation
Small & Medium Projects Management
Project Management using MS project
Project Close-Out: Testing, Commissioning and Handover
Project Management Essentials (35 PDU)
Project Design
PMP® Exam Preparation (35 PDUs)
Project Management for CIT Projects
Project Scheduling and Cost Control
Project Planning
Effective Project Coordination & Management
Advanced Engineering Project Management
Advanced Engineering Project Management & Construction
Advanced Multi-Disciplines Project Engineering
Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Cost Control in Project Management
Advanced Project assurance and project management consulting
Advanced Project Coordination & Management
Advanced Project Management
Advanced Project Management Cross Functional
Advanced Project Management for Engineers and Technical Professionals
Advanced Project Management of Engineering and Construction
Advanced Project Quality Assurance
Advanced Project Tracking and Control
Advanced Risk Management in Project Management
Advanced Stakeholders and Their Interests
Engineering Project Management & Construction
Project Close-Out: Testing, Commissioning and Handover
Project Management for Chemical Engineers
Project Management with Safety Perspectives
Advanced Project & Knowledge Management
Advanced Earned Value Management
Advanced Effective Collaboration
MS - Project 2013
Project Management using MS-Project
Qualification Programs
3-Days Instrumentation Qualification Prep
1-Day Instrumentation Qualification Prep
3-Days Electrical Qualification Prep
1-Day Electrical Qualification Prep
3-Days Machinist Qualification Prep
1-Day Machinist Qualification Prep
1-DAY HVAC Qualification Prep.
3-Days HVAC Qualification Prep
Pre-requisite of Work Permit Certification
3-Days Metal Fabrication Qualification Prep
3-Days PipeFitter Qualification Prep
2-Days Electrical Qualification Prep
Quality & Auditing
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) - IRCA Certification
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management
AS 9110 Quality Maintenance System
Inspection and Auditing
ISO Awareness
Calibration & Measurement Strategy and Quality
Calibration methods forPressure, Temperature, Current flow and Dimension measurements.
Errors of measurment and Estimation of measurement Uncertainty .
Validation of Methods of Analysis
Quality Improvement tools
Balanced Scorecard - BSC
Integration Management System
Laboratory Techniques
Metallurgical Lab
Operational Audit
Process Mapping
Q-PULSE v5 Application
ISO & Quality Awareness
Quality Certification For Manager
Quality Certification For Professional
Quality Control
Quality Improvement
Statistical Techniques for Quality Control and Improvement
IS0 28000, Supply Chain Security Management System
ISO and Quality Awarness
Management System of ISO 17025-2005
ISO 50001 Energy Management
Basic Statistics for Laboratory Activities
Estimation of Uncertain Measurement
Internal Audit - ISO 15189
Internal Audit - ISO 17025
ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System (QMS) Lead Auditor - IRCA Certification
IRCA Internal Auditor for ISO 9001: 2015 - Certification
IRCA Lead Auditor for HACCP (ISO 22000) - Certification
IRCA Lead Auditor for ISO 14001:2004 - Certification
ISO OHSAS 18001-2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Lead Auditor - IRCA Certification
ISO 17025-2005 for Laboratory Quality System
Quality Control in Testing laboratories
Quality Management and Assurance
Requirements of ISO 15189
Total Quality Management (TQM System)
Validation of test method
Six-Sigma Green belt
Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement
Six Sigma Black Belt - Certification
Six Sigma Green Belt - Certification
Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
ISO 17025 - 2005 for quality system of labs and laboratory
Principles of six sigma
Quality management and ISO 9001:2015
Continuous quality improvement
Implementation of six sigma: how to get the best results & high performance
Quality Assurance
Total Quality Management
Integrated program for KAIZEN Japanese strategy in improving organizations' performance
ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Lead Auditor - IRCA Certification
Lean principles to construction
Lean principles to financial organizations
Lean principles to governmental organizations
Lean principles to healthcare organizations
Lean principles to production lines & plants
Lean transformation strategies
Top 25 lean tools
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training
ISO Awareness
Six sigma
Advanced Balanced Scorecard
Advanced Lean Six Sigma
ISO 9001 : 2015 Lead Auditor
Advanced Quality Assurance and Quality Control Activities
Advanced Quality Assurance Skills
Advanced Quality Control
Advanced Quality Control for Engineers
IRCA Internal Auditor for ISO 9001: 2015 - Certification
ISO / 9001 : 2015 Internal Auditor
ISO /9001 : 2015 Awareness
SQC Basic - Statistical Quality Control
Calibration & Measurement Strategy and Quality
ISO 9001: 2015 Internal Auditor - IRCA Certification
Professional Quality Manager
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems Lead Auditor - IRCA Certification
ISO 23021 - BCMS - Business Continouty Management System - IRCA Certification
Introduction & Awareness ISO 50001 Energy Management System
Balanced Scorecard
QA & QC- Quality Assurance and Quality Control Activities
Professional Quality Manager
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems certification
ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems Certification
ISO 9001: 2015 Internal Auditor - IRCA Certification
Quality and Result Orientation
Quality and Result Orientation
ISO 9001-2018 Quality Management System (QMS) Lead Auditor - IRCA Certification
Real State
Basic Information of Assets Management
Creativity in Architectural Design and its Role in Real Estate Development
Feasibility Studies of Real Estate Projects
Assessment of Real Estate Foundations
Finance of Real Estate Foundations
New Developed Professions in the Application of the Real Estate Financing
Preparation of Real Estate Journalist
Property Management Course
Real Estate Assessment - Advanced
Real Estate Financing & Assessment
Real Estate Marketing
Standards of Evaluating Projects
Technical Studies in Feasibility Studies of Real Estate Projects
Reliability, Maintenance, Integrity & Inspection Engineering
Effective Maintenance Management
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Maintenance Budgeting, Cost Estimation & Control
AIMS - Asset Integrity Management System
Engineering Drawing, Codes, Standards and Equipment Sympoles
Electrical and mechanical Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Shutdown and Turnaround planning Management
Preventive Maintenance and Equipment
Periodic maintenance
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Sales & Marketing
The art of ceremony & protocol
Art of planning & organizing of effective media campaigns
Art of Protocol & Etiquette
Competition Analysis Tools and How to Open new markets
Dealing with Media
Department of Public Relations and art dealing with the media
Develop public relations managers skills
Distinguished Business Administration and public relations activities
Dynamic public relations and media effective
Electronic public relations and information technology
Future Roles of public relations officers
Managing sales teams to achieve effective results
Marketing Basics for marketers
Marketing Crisis management
Marketing Research
Methods of preparing Marketing plans and effective marketing programs
Modern Skills for Public Relations and Protocol
Modern strategies for public relations & media
Negotiation Skills & strategies and winning Deals
Organizing exhibitions, conferences and seminars
Organizing advertising campaigns and increasing Sales
Organizing and managing conferences
Planning & Managing Public Relations Activities
Planning public relations activities
Preparing Official spokesmen
Preparing tactical and strategic marketing plans
Principals of Administrative investigation & Developing Investigator Skills
Professional salesman: methods to attract customers and outperform competitors
Public relations and its role in Crises and Disasters
Public relations Role in improving organization's image
Sales planning
Selling Skills and effective sales Meeting
Selling Skills and telemarketing skills
Skills to deal with VIP
Empowering the Sales Skills
Key Account Management
Sales College I - The Sales Booster Workshop
Sales College II - Up-to-date Consultative Selling Workshop
Up-to-date Marketing Management
Sales Team Skills Development and Customer Service Excellence
Modern Marketing Management
Marketing Techniques
Advanced Reputation Management in a Digital World
Advanced Empowering the Sales Skills
Advanced Increasing Profits through Better Advertising
Advanced Key Account Management
Advanced Market Research
Successful Category Management
Advanced Reputation Management Executive
Advanced Closing the Sales
Advanced Market Segmentation
Market Strategies {Study and Research)
Advanced Market Study
Advanced Marketing, e-Marketing & Brand Management
Advanced Media campaigns and sales promotion
Advanced Sales Facilitation and Presentation Skills
Advanced Sales Opportunity Management
Advanced Segmentation Masterclass
Selling skills Improvement
Category Management
Category Management training for retailers and suppliers
Advanced selling skills
Sales Skills using SPIN
Closing the Sales deals
Market Segmentation
Media campaigns and sales promotion
Sales Opportunity Management
Selling skills Improvement
Modern Marketing Management
Key Account Management
Selling skills Improvement
Digital Marketing
Selling Techniques and Tech Sales
Empowering Sales Skills
Increasing Profits through Better Advertising
Market Strategies {Study and Research)
Modern Marketing Management
Sales Opportunity Management
Selling skills Improvement
Key Account Management
Key Account Management
Secretary and Office Management
Security Programs
Public safety skills and dealing with emergencies of industrial management and modern supervisory for security chiefs.
Personal Basic Security
Installations Security (Companies, Hotels, Factories)
Preventive Security
Executive-VIP Protection and Planning
Basic Security & Fire Fighting
Security planning strategies for cameras
Security Routine Daily Duties, Patrolling Observation & Memory
Security Awareness, Ethics, Public Relations, Professionalism & Professional Image
Special Types of Security, Information Security, Traffic Control & Parking lot Security
Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
Advanced Security Analyst
Advanced Security Skills
Security Patrolling and Observation
Security Skills
Security & Safety Services Skills
Services & Construction
Construction Projects Management
Handling Disputes; arbitration and settlement in construction projects
Overall Maintenance for Projects and Facilities
Scaffolding Inspector
Scaffolding Supervisor
Scaffolding Erector
Forklift Safety Operations
Basic Safety for Construction
Offshore Personnel Lifting Equipments - Crane Manbasket
Scaffolding Safety Awareness
Offshore Scaffolding
Lifting Equipment Supervisor
Slag Pot and Over Head Crane
H2S Safety
Advanced Firefighting
Hazard Recognition
Certified Forklift Safety Operation - Basic
Certified Forklift Safety Operation - Advanced
Construction Control and Capacity Planning
Scaffolding Erector Advance – Level II
Scaffolding & Rigging Re-Assessment Course
Certified Scaffold Supervisor 1
Rigging & Slinging
Scaffolding Erector
Rigging & Slinging Assessment
Scaffolding Supervisor/Inspector ARAMCO Preparatory Course
General Safety Awareness Course
Scaffolding Inspector
Scaffolding Supervisor
Scaffolding Erector Assessment
Forklift Safe Operation
Boom Truck Operation
Scaffolding Inspector
Advanced Construction Site Management
Advanced Latest Best Practices in Construction Management
Scaffold Supervisor-Certification
Scaffolding Erector
Scaffolding supervisor
Fundamentals of modern urban design and cities development
Development of Historical Areas
Geographic information systems for housing and urban planning
Supervision skills for maintenance work for architects
Scaffolding Safety Awareness
Buildings and Facilities Maintenance
Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling
Buildings and Facilities Maintenance
Scaffolding Supervisor
Scaffolding Supervisor/Inspector ARAMCO Preparatory Course
Soft Skills
Effective Cost Estimating & Control of Technical Projects
Problem Solving
Dealing with Auditors and Colleagues
Expeditious completion of the work and development, organization and Electronic archiving
Write letters and reports
Business Etiquette
Basic Presentation Skills
Positive Thinking
Stress and Time Management
Negotiation, Tenders preparation, contracts Administration and Legal Requirement for Contracting
Basic Technical Writing Skills
Basic Business Report Writing
Basic Communication Skills
Advanced Presentation Skills
Advanced Negotiation Skills
Ethics of the profession and job loyalty
Administrative communications and the art of dealing with others.
Executive Speaking: Confident, Powerful and Impactful
Mastering in Negotiation Skills
Basic Supervisory Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Stress Management
Effective Negotiation Skills
Advanced Business Report Writing Skills
Effective Coaching Skills
Linguistic skill to formulate decisions and regulations
Presentation Skills
Communication & Influencing Skills
Leadership Skills
Effective Communication skills
Presentation Skills
Communication & Influencing Skills
Certified Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR)
Strategic Decisions
Risk Management
Stress and Pressure Management
Customer Service and Call Center skills
Advanced Executive Secretarial Skills
Advanced Supervisory Skills
Competency Based Interviewing & Assessment Skills - Certification
Dynamic Presentation Skills to Achieve Objectives
Effective Business Writing and E-mail Etiquette
Effective Communication Skills
Effective Meeting Management – Results Driven
Effective Time Management
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Master Class for Administrative Professionals, Secretaries
Effective Supervisor - Negotiation Skills
Office Communications & Telephone Behaviors
Professional Report Writing
Advanced Technical Writing Skills
Critical thinking and problem solving
Business Writing
Stress and Time Management
Negotiation Skills for Managers
Secretarial skills and data entry
Stress and Time Management
Technical report writing.
Advanced Presentation Skills
Soft Skills And Time Management
Dealing with the work stress
Administrative Assistant
Emotional Intelligence
Advanced Analytical Thinking
Advanced Business etiquette
Advanced Business Intelligence (BI)
Advanced Communication Skills
Advanced Demonstrating flexibility
Advanced Leading Skills
Advanced Managing Yourself and Leading Others
Advanced Motivating Others
Advanced Successful Team Work
Advanced Technical Communication Skills
Advanced Technical Expertise
Integrated Talent Management
Advanced Negotiation Skills
Advanced Developing positive attitude
Advanced Employees Core values Skills
Advanced developing yourself and others
Advanced Influencing & Communication for impact
Advanced Innovation and Creativity
Advanced Innovative and Creative Thinking
Advanced Integrated Communications Skills
Advanced Leadership & Influencing Skills
Advanced Leadership Coaching Strategies
Advanced Leadership in promoting entrepreneurship
Advanced Leadership Skills for Compliance Professionals
Advanced Motivation for Effective Managers
Advanced NLP in Business Communication
Advanced People Management Skills
Advanced Personal Leadership
Advanced Power of Leaders
Advanced Problem Solving and Decision Making
Advanced Self-motivation at work
Advanced Stress Management Skills
Advanced Leadership Workshop
Advanced Leading and Motivating Your Team
Take off boot camp
Self-motivation at work
Stress Management Skills
Successful Team Work
Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Skills
Creative Thinking
Effective Supervisory skills
Advanced Communication Skills
Communication Skills
Basic Supervisory Training
Negotiation, Persuasion and Influencing skills
Business Writing Skills
Value selling
Enhancing communication skills
Empowering sales skills
Coaching & motivation skills
Talent Management
Self, Time and Stress Management
Analytical Thinking
Motivation for Effective Managers
Power of Leaders
Mastering in Negotiation Skills
Effective communication and team management
Preparing senior leaders and managers
Coaching & Motivation Skills
Leadership Coaching Strategies
Mastering in Negotiation Skills
Leading with Presence: Storytelling
Business Etiquette
Coaching & Motivation Skills
Communication Skills
Business Intelligence (BI)
Influencing & Communication for impact
Innovation and Creativity
Integrated Talent Management
Leadership & Influencing Skills
Leadership Coaching Strategies
NLP in Business Communication
Leadership in promoting entrepreneurship
Leading and Motivating Your Team
Syntax, Semantic & Redaction
Qatr Elnada and Bal Elsada
Little Morphology and science of methods
Al-Mowtaa in dictation and small grammar
How to deal with managers
Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques
Positive and Open Communication
Communicate Openly and Effectively
Build Relationships
Adapt and Learn
Time management and interpersonal skills
Successful Team Work
Foster Teamwork and Relationship Building
Managing External Relations
Analytical Thinking & Continuous Learning
Communication skills
Communication and Social Skills
Communicate Openly & Effectively
Adapt & Learn
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Presentation Skills - Advanced
Inspiring and Influencing Others
How to Turn Goals into Results
How to Turn Goals into Results
Customer service and Dealing skills
Effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Advanced Presentation Skills
Team Work & Managing People
Basic Negotiation Skills
Coaching, Mentoring & Developing Others
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Time and Stress Management
Communication & Presentation Skills. Time and Stress Management
Stock Market and Technical Analysis
Telecommunication and Electronics
Modern Telephones Devices Operation and Maintenance
Analog Electronics
Avaya Servers Systems Awareness
Electronic Crash Programming
DMS - 100 Nortel Basics
Fault Location of Underground Cables Using Dynatel, Biccotest and Cables Locator Equipments
GPS - Global Positioning System
Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Prepaid with Italian Cards PLURIMA 4 Telephone Set
Maintenance and Frame Connections
Electronic Worldwide Switch Digital (EWSD) excgangers
Microwave Installation & Maintenance
Mobile Communication (MTC2000/3000 – GM 160 – GM 360)
Modern Telephone Set Maintenance
Norstar Programming
Operating of Japanese switching (NEAX 61 SEGMA)
Operation & Maintenance of Nortel DMS - 100 Exchanges
Operation & Maintenance of O.C.B 283 Exchanges
Power Node for German Exchange Switching
Preparing , Splicing and Measuring Fiber Optical Cables
Principles of Digital Transmission
SDH Measurement and Testing Equipment
SDH Alcatel - Operation and Maintenance
Telephone Network Planning
Transmission Junction Systems
Using Computer For Maintaining Subscribers Lines (Fault Clearance Centers)
Maintenance and Fundamentals of Wired and Wireless Telecommunications Networks for Marine Applications
Electronics Technician Baisc Skills
Checking E-cards - basic
Advanced electronic systems
Electronic devices and telecommunications equipment maintenance
Checking E-cards - Advanced
Testing and programming e-cards using "Hantron"
Electronic chart
Dividers Telephone Networks Systems (AVAYA System)
Networks Systems  of Telephone Dividers (AVAYA System)
Advanced Mobile Application (Android™ Application Development)
Preparing , Splicing and Measuring Fiber Optical Cables
Avaya Servers Programming and Maintenance
Dividers Telephone Networks Systems Maintenance (AVAYA System)
Development of Leadership Management Skills
Checking E-cards - basic
Avaya Servers Systems Awareness
Electronic Crash Programming
Checking E-cards - Advanced
Electronic devices and telecommunications equipment maintenance
Fiber-optic Cables Welding and Copper Cables Maintenance
Tourism and Hospitality
Developing supervisory skills in hotels
Tourism Marketing
Rehabilitation and employment of tourist sites heritage
Tourism Marketing
Plate Welding by Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding & Metal Insert Gas Welding
Welding with oxygen and electricity
SMAW Flat – Vertical & Horizontal
Industrial Welding
Welding Technology
Welders (Arc ,Tig ,Mig)
Welding Inspection
Plate welding by Metal Insert gas welding
Oxy Acetylene welding and brazing
Plate welding by flux cored arc welding
Plate welding by Shielded Metal Arc welding
Oxy Acetylene Welding
Plate welding by flux cored arc welding
Plate welding by Shielded Metal Arc welding
Welding inspection

Jobs required
  • Computer Trainer
  • English Trainer