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Pre-requisite of Work Permit Certification



Hazard Recognition and Control

By the time you finish this Work Permit Hazard Recognition & Controls course you should be able to recognize common work site hazards and related controls when handling work permits. Slide 3 shows that this course has three parts. Each part presents how to identify hazards and learning how to control or eliminate them before they cause harm and or lost time and protect Saudi Aramco assets. When you are part of the work permit system, your work can be extremely hazardous if you fail to recognize and control hazards. It is important to know and practice that each task you do must be done safely. This means you must think about the potential hazards and precautions to improve safety. This module will help them learn about what to look for to identify and control Hazards before beginning any task. This course does not teach you how to operate a Crane, erect scaffolding or how to conduct excavations; it teaches you about associated hazards and control with these tasks. Always talked to the certified operators and crew when conducting Hazard Analysis Checklist or Joint sit inspection.


You will correctly, and without help, can:

  • 1.1 Identify practices, hazards, and conditions that can lead to an incident.
  • 1.2 List methods to recognize and control hazards.
  • 1.3 List common Saudi Aramco workplace hazards and associated controls.



 At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify equipment, energy and/or systems that require the application of L.O.T.O.
  • Identify and apply the correct isolation methods to make systems safe before work can be performed.
  • Return equipment to operational state for safe Operations


  • L.O.T.O. is designed for the protection of workers, when maintenance work is performed on equipment.
  • Needed to prevent unexpected or uncontrolled energizing of systems


Confined Space Entry:


Saudi Aramco conducts many work tasks that require entry into confined spaces. Confined space entry (CSE) has many hazards that we must all eliminate or control. Workers must know and follow established confined space entry procedures and follow all safety procedures. Your training today on CSE Hazards and Control is among the most important training you will receive at Saudi Aramco.
In this course, you will learn the definition of a confined space and the minimum site safety requirements and procedures to be implemented when opening, entering, exiting, and/or performing work within these spaces. You will now watch a video showing you the hazards associated with Confined Space Entry


  • 1.1 Define and identify Confined Space Entry.
  • 1.2 State the requirements of the confined space entry program.
  • 1.3 Define the requirements to plan and prepare a Confine Space Entry.
  • 1.4 Identify work hazards and control measures.


Terminal Objective

You will, correctly and without help, can identify the minimum safety requirements and procedures when planning, opening, entering, exiting, and performing work in confined spaces.

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