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Training ends with an employment is a program that intends to help companies and establishments those belong to the private sector so they can employ the Saudi youth and qualified them so that they can be able to join different type of jobs in order to raise the Localization of jobs for these companies concerning those who are seeking for jobs.

Program of Training ends with an Employment:

Work Scope

1. Signing the Contract of Training ends with Employment:

  • • Signing the contract between your company & Integrated Training Company.

2. Determining The job Needs:

  • • Determining jobs and number of trainees demanded for training is your role.
  • • Your company should prepare the job description.
  • • Acceptance and distribution for Trainees would be according to company’s needs, now and in future.

3. Polarization and selection:

  • • The company should do the all required procedures to polarize the ees that have the desire to join work with the private sector especially those who are seriously looking for job.
  • • Elementary interviews would be run by the polarization section.
  • • Acceptance should be through your company and after the final interview.

4. Acceptance terms for candidates; ( Before the final interview):

  • • Candidates have to fulfil all terms of acceptance.
  • • A candidate must be unemployed.
  • • A candidate must not be registered at the Social Insurance, or not activated.
  • The company will make sure of all the above terms before interview.

5. Employing and work-contract signing:

  • • Work contract should be ready for signing by both sides (the company & the employee) after the acceptance and passing the final interview.
  • • Employees who signed the contracts would be inserted and linked to the Social Insurance System within coordination between the company and that who is in charge of employing in your respectful company.

6. Jobs:

  • • Welding Technician
  • • Industrial Electricity Technician
  • • Scaffolding Monitor
  • • Occupational Safety Technician
  • • Advanced Scaffolding Technician
  • • Junior Scaffolding Technician
  • • Fork-lift Operator
  • • Mechanics Technician
  • • Electricity Technician

7. Supervision & Reports:

  • • Your Company will be provided with circular reports about the trainees’ progress and performance.
  • • Monthly reports will send to your company in order to prepare the trainees wages every month.
  • • Trainees would be rewarded monthly according to the attendance sheets.
  • • A trainee who proves lack of seriousness during work hours will be terminated in coordination and an agreement with your administration, and after signing an official warning before.

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