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Pressure Safety Relief Valves - Operation, Maintenance and Inspection

  • Pressure relieving device considered for this course is Safety or Pressure relief valve. Participants will enjoy a through learning of Pressure relief valve right from its Operational basics, design, installation, malfunction, Inspection and Testing, Stamping and VR accreditation procedures.
  • The course will cover ASME Sec I and VIII related to Safety relief valve, API 520 part 1 and 2 followed by API 521, 526 and 576.
  • Requirements and guidelines for the VR accreditation program and become acquainted with the National Board Inspection Code and ASME PTC 25.
  • All above information will be well presented and discuss with animations and actual videos.  


Day 1

Starts with Pre Test


Basics of Pressure Relief Valve Operation 


  • Basic terms like
    •  Relief valve,
    •  Safety Valve,
    •  Safety relief valve,
    •  MAWP,
    •  Operating pressure,
    •  Set pressure,
    •  Cold differential test pressure,
    •  Accumulation,
    •  Overpressure,
    •  Blow down,
    •  lift,
    •  Back pressure,
    •  Superimposed Back pressure.


  • Operations principal of Relief valve
  • Operations principal of Safety valve
  • Operations principal of Safety Relief valve including Conventional and Balanced
  • Operations of Pilot Operated Relief Valves
  • Design features of following parts
    • Body
    • Nozzle
    • Nozzle Orifice
    • Spring
    • Trim
    • Seating related to Tightness
    • Bellows Seals
    • Blow down rings


Day ends with Quiz 1


Day 2


Sizing as per API 520 part 1 with ref to ASME codes and API 521


  • Points to Recall-Day 1
  • Review of Quiz-Day 1
  • Determination of relief requirements
  • API effective area and effective coefficient of discharge
  • Back pressure
  • Sizing for Gas, steam and Liquid with capacity certification
  • Quiz (Day 2)


Day 3


Installation as per API 520 part 2 with ref to ASME codes and API 521


  • Points to Recall   Day2
  • Review Quiz -Day 2
  • Inlet piping to Pressure relieving valve
  • Discharge piping from Pressure relieving valve
  • Isolation (stop) valves in pressure relief piping.
  • Bonnet or Pilot vent piping
  • Drain Piping
  • Device location and position
  • Bolting and Casketing
  • Multiple Pressure relief valves with staggered setting
  • Pre installation handling
  • Quiz (Day 3)


Day 4


Operational Malfunction with ref to API 576


  • Points to Recall (Day 3)
  • Review of  Quiz     (Day 3)
  • Causes of improper performance and solutions
    • Corrosion
    • Damaged Seating Surface
    • Failed Springs
    • Improper setting and Adjustments
    • Plugging and sticking
    • Misapplications of materials
    • Improper location, History or identification
    • Rough Handling
    • Chattering  
  • Quiz (Day 4)


Day 5


Inspection and Testing (API 576) with VR accreditation


  • Points to Recall (Day 4)
  • Review of Quiz (Day 4)
  • Inspection and testing
    • Reason for Inspection
    • Shop inspection and overhaul
    • Visual on stream inspection
    • Inspection frequency
    • Time of inspection
  • Marking as per ASME Sec I and VIII
  • Code symbol stamp
  • Certification of capacity of Pressure relief valve with and without rupture disc
  • Determine the ‘VR administrative rules and procedures and be able to carry out the steps for obtaining the National Board ‘VR’ stamp


  • Course will end with final test.

Who Should Attend

This course is tailored for process, operations and maintenance Engineers, Supervisors, Managers and personnel who are interested in Safety relief valves or who are responsible for design, inspection, maintenance, testing of pressure relief valve.


5 Days

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