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API 526 Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves

  • This program will help the participants to understand the mechanical operation of pressure vessels. Safe operation of pressure equipment requires that all boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems are protected from overpressure with the use of pressure relief valves under the supervision of trained personnel under controlled, using proper parts and procedures. This program will provide an overview of all these topics.


  1. General Introduction of Pressure Relief Valves
  2. Types of Pressure Relief Valves
  3. Terminologies associated with Pressure Relief Valves
  4. Fundamentals of Pressure Relief Valves Design.
  5. Selection and sizing of Pressure Relief Valves.
  6. API Codes and Standards.
  7. Materials of Construction.
  8. Pressure Relief Valve Specification Sheet and ordering information.
  9. Summary of other pressure relieving devices.

Who Should Attend

All those whose job involves dealing with pressure relief valve, Inspection Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Quality Control and Technical Supervisory personnel


5 Days

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