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Designing for Corrosion Control

  • Define the main variables for designing for corrosion control
  • Describe the factors considered by aircraft manufacturers to prevent corrosion
  • Prioritize the areas of a motor vehicle as a function of their susceptibility to corrosion damage
  • Understand the main factors considered at the design level to avoid corrosion of electronics
  • Indicate the main mistakes that can be made when building vessels for corrosion service
  • List the main characteristics of a good design for vessels built for corrosion service
  • Relate major design flaws to specific forms of corrosion


  • Corrosion Control and its importance in the Design Process
  • Matching Materials Performance to Service Environments
  • Materials Selection (Process, Methodologies and Factors Influencing Materials Selection)
  • Effects of Corrosion and Design on Materials
  • Optimization of Design
  • Economic Considerations and Analysis

Who Should Attend

Anyone who has a technical corrosion background but is new to design including: civil engineers, mechanical engineers, design and process engineers, consultants, contractors, and architects. 


5 Days

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