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Grounding of power system with practical case studies (EE006)


Upon completion of this course, the participant shall be able to;

  • Explain the Reasons for Grounding, Shock Hazards, System Ground Versus Equipment Grounds
  • Describe the Basics of System Grounding
  • Describe Typical Ground Fault Schemes and Switchgear Performance Testing
  • Explain Symmetrical and Fault Calculations
  • Summarize Computer and Instrumentation Grounding
  • Explain Ground Grid Resistance



Day 1: Basics of System Grounding

  • Ungrounded Systems
  • Grounded System
  • Ground Fault Detection
  • Ground Fault Coordination


    Day 2: Computer Grounding

  • Separately Derived ADP Power Supply
  • Single Point Grounding
  • Safety vs. Signal Grounding
  • Raised Floor Signal Reference Grids
  • Modular Power Centers


Day 3: Ground Grid Resistance

  • Grounding System Components
  • Effects of Ground Resistance
  • Improving Ground Resistance
  • Ground Resistivity Measurements
  • Ground Resistance Measurements
  • Calculating Resistance for Large Substation Ground Grids


Day 4: Ground Grid Design

  • IEEE Standard
  • Maximum Mesh, Step and Touch Voltages
  • Permissible Body Current Limits
  • In-Class Calculations and Evaluations of Ground Grids


Day 5: practical case studies

  • Case 1 : Generator ground
  • Case 2 : Transformer ground
  • Case 3 : Switchgear ground
  • Other Cases

Who Should Attend


The course is suggested for graduate engineers or personnel with equivalent work experience in electrical power systems. Consultants, application engineers, design engineers and electrical engineers from large industrial plants or municipal distribution systems will find this course very beneficial.


5 Days

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