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CP 2 – Cathodic Protection Technician Maritime


This course provides both theoretical knowledge and practical techniques for testing and evaluating data to determine the effectiveness of both galvanic and impressed current CP systems and to gather design data. The course involves lectures and hands-on training with equipment and instruments used in CP testing. Hands-on training at outdoor facilities is also included, weather permitting.



Course highlights include but are not limited to:


  • Corrosion Theory and CP concepts
  • Types of CP Systems
  • Field Measurements and Instrumentation
  • DC Power Sources
  • Safety Specific to CP
  • CP Recordkeeping

Who Should Attend


This course is designed for persons who have a working knowledge of CP, or who have extensive years of CP field experience with a technical background. Students must complete a preliminary application for certification at least 60 days in advance so that education and prerequisites can be verified. In-depth high school chemistry and mathematics courses including algebra, balancing equations, conversions of units, logarithms, and graphs; the NACE Basic Corrosion course, CP 1-Cathodic Protection Tester or equivalent; and comprehensive knowledge of electrochemistry, electricity, electrical laws, series and parallel circuits, meter operation, and CP fundamentals are necessary for understanding the material in this course.


6 Days

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