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Advanced Accounting and IFRS Reporting

  • Be acquainted with the International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Know how to implement the IAS / IFRS practically.
  • Gain deep skills and knowledge in dealing with accounting issues.


Day One:


1-    Framework for the preparation and presentation of Financial Statements:


  • Objectives of Financial Statements.
  • Qualitative characteristics'.
  • Accounting Treatment.
  • Presentation and Disclosure.
  • Case study.


2-    First Time Adoption of IFRS:


  • Key Concepts (Reporting Date, Transition Date).
  • Opening Balance Sheet.
  • Assets.
  • Business Combinations.
  • Presentation and Disclosure.
  • Case study


Day Two:


Presentation of Financial Management IAS 1:


  • Key concepts( Fair Presentation)
  • Types of financial Statements.
  • Financial Analysis and Interpretation.
  • Case Study


Day Three:


1-    Cash flow Statement IAS 7


  • Key Concepts (Cash, Cash flows Cash Equivalents).
  • Accounting Treatment (Direct Method, Indirect Activities).
  • Operating Activities
  • Investment Activities.
  • Financing Activities.
  • Financial Analysis and interpretation.
  • Case Study.


2-    Accounting policies, change in Accounting Estimates and Error IAS  8:


  • Key concepts (Accounting Policies, Change in Accounting Estimates, Prior Period errors).
  • Presentation and Disclosure (Voluntary Change, impending Change, Change in Accounting Estimates).
  • Financial Analysis and interpretation.
  • Case Study.


Day Four: 


Revenue IAS 18:


  • Key concepts (Revenue, fair Value, effective yield).
  • Accounting Treatment ( Measuring Fair value, Sale of good, Services , interest Income, dividends, Uncertainty)
  • Case Study.


Day Five:


Property, Plant and Equipment IAS 16:


  • Key concepts (Cost, fair value, depreciation, Residual value, Useful life).
  • Measuring of Qualifying Assets.
  • Cost Models.
  • Capitalizing Vs Expensing Cost.
  • Case Study.

Who Should Attend

Accounting department staff (minimum 7 years experience).


5 Days

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