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Reactive Power compensation and control in Electric power system


Upon completion of this course, the participant shall be able to;

  • Understand concepts of power factor
  • Understand disadvantages of poor power factor  and requirements of reactive power compensation
  • Understand aspects and methods of Reactive Power Compensation.
  • Understand about harmonics, sources of  harmonics, effect of harmonics.
  • Understand relationship between reactive power compensation and harmonics



Day 1:

  • Fundamental of Reactive Power Compensation.
  • The methods adopted for reactive power compensation.
  • Power factor and its effects, need for control of power factor

Day 2:

  • New solutions for reactive power compensation.
  • Basics of Harmonics, sources of harmonics, effect of harmonics
  • Harmonic analysis and total harmonic  distortion


Day 3:

  • Harmonic distortion solutions
  • Voltage stability
  • Power transfer limits
  • Voltage collapse


Day 4:

  • Shunt compensation
  • Shunt reactors
  • Shunt capacitors
  • Synchronous condensers


Day 5:

  • Series compensation
  • Series capacitors
  • Sub-synchronous resonance and solutions

Who Should Attend


The course is intended for : Electrical  Engineers & Technicians who work for electric utilities and transmission system operating companies who are involved in the planning, engineering, specification, and operation of power transmission systems.


5 Days

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