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Management Of funds in the money markets and foreign exchange



1. Understand how the global foreign exchange markets work on a daily basis
a. History of Foreign Exchange
b. Modern Times
c. The Foreign Exchange Market Today
i. Trade-able Currencies
ii. NDF's - Non-Deliverable Forwards
iii. Technical Jargon

2. The Operation of the Spot, Forward and Emerging Markets in Practice
a. Spot Market
b. Forward Market
c. Futures
d. Options
e. In-class Exercise

3. The Latest Trends Dan Innovations in the Markets
a. Internet Based Portal
b. Retail FX Trading

4. Types of FX Exposure
a. Transaction Exposure
b. Translation Exposure
c. Strategic/Economic Exposure

5. Risk Management Process
a. Determine a Company's Risk Appetite
b. Identifying Exposures
c. Measuring Exposures
i. Scenario Analysis
ii. Sensitivity Analysis
d. Implementing an Appropriate Risk Management Strategy
e. Monitoring the Exposure to Evaluate and Measure the Strategy
f. Accounting Issues

6. Real World Applications, Exercises and Case Studies
a. Case Study - Corporate Hedging Program

7. Establishing and Monitoring Banking Relationships
a. Terms of Engagement
b. Execution
d. Value Added Services

8. Financial Risk Management
a. Why are We Hedging?
i. Reduce Volatility
ii. Lock in Value of Revenues, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities
iii. Defer the Effects of Foreign Exchange Movements
iv. Maintain Pricing Power in the Event of Adverse Currency Movements

9. Current Markets: What's Next?

10. Summary



Who Should Attend


This program is designed for the financial decision-makers. firms who must deal with international currency and exchange in this volatile and uncertain time. Understand the foreign exchange markets and how to manage the associate risks and limit your exposure on a daily basis. Gain a much better understanding of how foreign exchange markets operate, how currency fluctuations affect your business and how to manage these exposures and profit from them.


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