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Making Presentation


         ·         Give participants the opportunity to assess current practices and develop easy-to-use techniques for quality presentations.

         ·         Provide a common language, style and communication within the organization.

         ·         Understanding concepts and key issues in presentation

         ·         Designing breakthrough presentations

         ·         Presentations for leaders and not speakers


         ·         Reason for presentations

         ·         Overcoming the fear of addressing the audience

         ·         Understanding the communication process

         ·         Managing the different elements of the communication process

         ·         Effective presentation through better planning, organizing and preparation

         ·         Writing the presentation

         ·         The challenge of delivering the presentation

         ·         Beyond content: adding style to the presentation

         ·         Dealing with challenging audience objections

         ·         Leave persuaded audience




Who Should Attend


         ·         All levels of employees within the organization


3 Days

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