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Negotiation Skills & strategies and winning Deals


By the end of the Advanced Negotiation Skills course you will be able to:

  • Prepare effectively for complex, challenging negotiating situations
  • Cope more effectively with difficult people
  • Adapt your style depending on the situation
  • Maintain progress through the phases of the negotiation, even under pressure
  • Develop your skills at handling conflict
  • Recognize when and how to make concessions

·        Work more productively as part of a negotiating team



1-    Course overview and objectives

a)      A forthcoming negotiation

b)     The three processes you need to get right

2-     Who am I negotiating with?

a)      Types of negotiators and how to work with each type

b)     Authority levels and decision-making, background culture

3-     My style, my skills and my energy

a)      The skills and attitudes of the effective negotiator

b)     My own areas of strength, and areas I need to work on

c)      Building an effective negotiating team

4-     Developing a strategy

a)      Research and preparation

b)     Aims, goals, plans and tactics

5-     The phases of a negotiation

a)      Before entering the arena

b)     The handshake – getting the opening right

c)      Using summaries, timeouts and signposts

6-     Predictable tactics used by tough negotiators

a)      Developing counter-measures

b)     Ten tips which will always help

7-     Dealing with difficult people

a)      What makes some people so difficult to deal with?

b)     Typical difficult behaviors and how to handle yourself

c)      Gaining respect

8-     Managing conflict

a)      Productive conflict, dealing with aggression

9-     About concessions

a)      Are you in the zone of potential agreement?

b)     Trading not conceding – ‘If you . . . then I . . .’

c)      What is your BATNA? What is theirs?

10-    Bringing it to a conclusion

a)      Building common ground

b)     Summarizing carefully

c)      ‘Walk away is better than a bad deal’



Who Should Attend


People with Some Experience of Negotiation Who Wish to Further develop Their Skills.



5 Days

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