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Introduction to bank credit

The program aims to introduce participants to the issues and challenges of bank credit, including theoretical and practical dimensions (technical) for the analysis of credit and its role in the rationalization of the lending process in the bank, because the bank credit is one of the most important stages throughout the credit application in order to get to the final decision to grant the client a loan or do not.


  • The concept of bank credit
  • process of credit analysis p: the borrower itself, the nature of the borrower, Collateral, Cash flow analysis
  • Elements of the credit rating of the borrower: reputation and experience of the client, the client's ability to pay, the study of the financial position of the client, the study of the general conditions of the client, to assess the risk of loans for the customer.
  • Credit Analysis phases: definition of credit analysis, credit granting steps.
  • Sources of credit information: direct sources, indirect sources, the query from the central bank and other sources .
  • The general framework for the analysis of credit
  • Analysis of the financial statements of the client using financial ratios.
  • Credit risk analysis.
  • Analysis of the debt ratios, and proportions of coverage, and liquidity ratios.
  • A different process for multiple set of financial sectors for various applications lists.

Who Should Attend


  • Credit officers
  • Credit Risk Officers .
  • Credit Risk Seniors .
  • Accountants.
  • Financial analysis .
  • Auditors .
  • Operations supervisors.
  • Trade Finance officers .
  • The banking sector staff from modern and medium levels of expertise in credit facilities with various divisions: individuals facilities, corporate facilities, SMEs facilities,  and banking circles risk, credit operations and services, and treasury departments, and sales departments.



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