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Preparing tactical and strategic marketing plans

  • To help the marketers & non-marketers acquire an understanding of the basic marketing definitions, terminology, types, roles and functions. This includes both: strategic and operational marketing.
  • Most importantly, to realize and “feel” the importance of marketing.
  • To understand the difference between marketing and sales.
  • To learn the marketing management “formula”.
  • To learn and practice the development of breakthrough Strategic Marketing, using the globally-acknowledged proven-successful “RSTP” model.
  • To learn and practice how to segment your market, target your highest-potential consumer and perfectly position your product/service.
  • To understand the various elements and components of Operational Marketing, which is called the “Marketing mix”.
  • To lean and practice the development of a comprehensive and holistic Operational Marketing plan, including various elements and multi-components.
  • To learn and practice how to control, measure and evaluate Operational Marketing objectives, strategies and plans.….


Part 1: Introduction:

  • Introduction to marketing
  • Importance of marketing
  • How marketing is crucial for today’s organization
  • Marketing role in a customer-oriented company
  • Marketing for marketers & non-marketers
  • The role of marketers & non-marketers in marketing
  • Misconceptions about marketing
  • How can marketing make a difference – real-life examples,

from Egypt and abroad

  • The marketing management formula
  • Types of marketing – strategic and operational
  • Internal Marketing vs. External Marketing

Part 2: Strategic Marketing:

  • Strategic marketing – what it is and what it is Not
  • Role of strategic marketing
  • The three basic strategies-- The “VMQ” Triangle
  • Introduction to the “RSTP” Model:
  • Research
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Positioning Model and Real-life examples from the Egyptian market

Part 3: Operational Marketing:

  • Operational marketing
  • The marketing mix:
  • Four P’s, defined
  • Four C’s, defined
  • Product life cycle
  • Setting the right price
  • Determining demand
  • Effective advertising
  • Choosing the perfect medium
  • Sales promotions
  • Direct marketing and Public Relations
  • Integrated marketing communication (IMC)

Part 4: Sales and Marketing:

  • Relationship between sales and marketing
  • Difference between sales and marketing
  • Marketing-led organization vs. Sales-driven organization
  • Effective distribution
  • Types of distribution channels
  • The coordination between the sales and marketing functions

Part 5: Marketing Plan:

  • Marketing plan
  • Elements of the marketing plan
  • Marketing organization
  • The marketing caliber
  • Performance evaluation
  • Tools to measure effectiveness
  • The coordination between the marketing department and other departments

Part 6: Wrap-up and summary

Who Should Attend


  • Product Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales Force Managers


5 Days

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