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Air Conditioning System Control Systems, Code and Standard


This course will enable you to train on control devices for air conditioning units and repair troubleshoots



Control theory and terminology

  • Introduction
  • What is “control”?
  • Elementary control system
  • Purposes of control
  • Control action
  • Energy sources for control system
  • Measurement
  • Symbols and abbreviations
  • Psychometrics
  • Relationships
  • Summary



Electric and electronic control devices


  • Electric control devices
  • Electronic control devices


Flow control devices


  • Dampers
  • Steam and water flow control valves


Electric control systems


  • Introduction
  • Electric control diagrams
  • Electrical control of a CHILLER
  • Electrical control of an air handling unit
  • Example: a typical small air conditioning system
  • Electric heaters
  • Reduced – voltage starters
  • Multispeed starters
  • Variable speed controllers
  • Summary


Special control


  • Introduction
  • Close temperature and/or humidity control
  • Controlled environment rooms for testing
  • Summary


 Central plant pumping and distribution systems


  • Diversity
  • Constant flow systems
  • Variable flow systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Building interfaces
  • Summary

Who Should Attend

HVAC engineers and technicians


5 Days

Start Date End Date Country City
2020-03-29 2020-04-02 Saudi Arabia Al-Dammam
2020-06-07 2020-06-11 Saudi Arabia Al-Dammam

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