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Distribution Network Maintenance


Upon Completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand Electrical Power Distribution Sys­tems Equipments and Components
  • Have knowledge of Sub Station Equipments, switchgears including transformers, isolators, circuit breakers etc.
  • Understand planning of Power Distribution  System
  • Learn Specifications, Construction, Operations and maintenance of Power Distribution Sys­tem
  • Learn the technical requirements , configura­tion philosophies, design practices and work   about possible En­ergy Saving opportunities
  • Recognise the different applications for various cable insulation types
  • Know when and how to use single core cables vs three core cables
  • Specify correct power cable installation methods
  • Correctly utilise and protect power transformers
  • Assess and specify correct earthing throughout your electrical network



Day 1 :

  Design the Power Systems and Electrical Components

  • Electrical Power System
  • Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity
  • Planning of Power Distribution Systems
  • Electrical Network
  • Functions of a Substation
  • Substation Layouts

 Day 2 :

 Power Distribution Systems Equipments

  • Power Distribution Systems Equipments and Compo­nents
  • Substation Equipments and Components
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Switchgears: Types, Classification, Functions, Safety
  • Protection Systems

 Day 3 :

 Power System and Electrical network Specification & Maintenance

  • Design of Power Distribution Systems
  • Transformer Theory
  • Design Basics
  • Tests for transformer
  • Switchgears Design
  • Technical Specifications
  • Use of Design Tools for Power Distribution Systems


Day 4 :

 Networks Ratings & Maintenance

  • Power Distribution Systems Operations
  • Measurement/ testing of circuit breakers
  • Switchgear ratings
  • Transformer ratings
  • Cable ratings


Day 5 :

 Maintenance of Electric Distribution System Equipments

  • Maintenance of Power Distribution Systems
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Protection Systems
  • Common Tests
  • Switchgear Panels Tests
  • Type tests
  • Routine tests
  • Acceptance tests

Who Should Attend


  • Electrical Engineers and Technicians
  • Design Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Protection Technicians
  • Equipment Technicians
  • Maintenance Technicians and Supervisors
  • Electricians


5 Days

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