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Programing in JAVA

When the course is completed, students will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of virtual machine in Java
  • Differentiate between Java and other programming languages
  • Use the Java programming environment
  • Implement Internet programming concepts
  • Create applications and applets using Java class libraries
  • Develop flexible data-aware applications using Java Database Connectivity



Day One:


Fundamental Programming Structures in Java

Learn the basics of the Java programming language


  The main() method

  Primitive Data Types







  Control Flow

  Code Examples & Exercises


Classes and Objects in Java
Master the fundamental elements of OOP and related Java features

  Classes & Objects

  OOP Principles

  • Instantiation
  • Encapsulation
  • Specialization

  Instance Variables

  Class Variables


  Instance Methods

  Class Methods

  Method Overloading

  The this keyword

  Passing and returning objects

  Garbage Collection in Java

  Code Examples & Exercises


Day Two:

Object Design and Programming with Java

Understand the object-oriented way of programming




  Method Overriding



  Code Examples & Exercises

Java Interfaces

Creating high levels of abstraction

  Purpose of Interfaces

  When to use them

  Interface Declaration

  Implementing an Interface

  Interface Inheritance

  Code Examples & Exercises


Day Three:

Java Exception handling

Writing robust, industrial-strength Java code

  Why Exceptions

  Standard Exception Handling Options

  Exception Class Hierarchy

  Checked vs. Unchecked Exceptions

  Catching an Exception: try and catch blocks

  Methods Which Throw Exceptions: the throws clause

  Handling vs. Declaring Exceptions

  System Exceptions vs. Application Exceptions

  Writing Custom Exceptions

  Code Examples & Exercises

Java Collections API
Managing collections of objects


  The Java Collections Framework

  Collections Interfaces

  • java.util.Collection
  • java.util.List
  • java.util.Map
  • java.util.Set

  Concrete Collections

  • java.util.ArrayList
  • java.util.HashMap
  • java.util.HashSet

  Iterating through Collections

  • java.util.Iterator

  Code Examples & Exercises



Day Four:

Java Input/Output API
Dealing with serialized data and objects

  Streams & Files

  Input & Output Streams

  File Streams

  Object Streams

  Object Serialization

  Readers & Writers

  The Java New I/O (NIO) API

  Code Examples & Exercises

GUI Programing

Designing Graphical User Interfaces in Java

  Basics of Components

  Using Containers

  Layout Managers

  AWT Components

  Adding a Menu to Window

  Extending GUI Features Using Swing Components

  Java Utilities (java.util Package)

ü  The Collection Framework :

ü  Collections of Objects


Understanding Threads


  Needs of Multi-Threaded Programming.

  Thread Life-Cycle

  Thread Priorities

  Synchronizing Threads

  Inter Communication of Threads

  Critical Factor in Thread –DeadLock


Day Five:


Networking Programing

  Networking Basics

  Client-Server Architecture

  Socket Overview

  Networking Classes and Interfaces

  Network Protocols

  Developing Networking Applications in Java


Database Programing using JOBC

 Introduction to JDBC

  JDBC Drivers & Architecture

  CURD operation Using JDBC

  Connecting to non-conventional Databases

Who Should Attend



  • IT Developers
  • Programmers and Fresh Programmers


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