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Line & Equipment Opening Standard

The training topics within a single course are flexibly selected by the trainer to meet specific application and customer requirements. Each topic is shown with approximate time duration.




Section 1 – General Information

This part of the course introduces all students to basics, its typical and optional modules.

  1. Design and layout
  2. System specifications
  3. Safety design and consideration
  4. Interfacing modules


Section 2 – Shipping and Receiving

This part of the course provides all vital information related to transportation and receipt. 

  1. Shipping container
  2. System handling and transportation
  3. Unpacking and inspecting
  4. Checking and inspecting the items required for installation


Section 3 – Equipment Installation and initialization

This part of the course describes all steps that are required to ensure proper operation of the system, starting from leveling of the equipment to connecting and operating the mini environment.

  1. System leveling
  2. Module alignment
  3. Interface connections and communications
  4. Checking system before turning the power ON
  5. Troubleshooting of communication and initialization problems

Section 4 – Service and Maintenance

This part of the course touches on service and maintenance, which may differ depending on the system configuration.

  1. Removal and installation of the system modules:
  • Pre-aligner
  • Load port
  • Controller
  • Computer
  • Other miscellaneous components
  1. Preventative maintenance
  2. Corrective maintenance


Who Should Attend

Anyone who is working related to this course then need to increase their knowledge, and it is also suitable for Manager, Supervisor & Operator.



3 Days

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