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Basics of savings and investment

 This course offers an overview of the key equity INVESTMENT products, why companies issue equities, the attraction of buying equities and how equities are traded.  An excellent introduction to equity as an investment class.

This course gives an overview of the key players in, and products of, the fixed income market.   We will cover everything from ‘what is a bond?’ to some basic understanding of the yield curve and the ideas of credit and interest rate risk.  This would be an excellent introduction to prepare participants for the other more detailed courses in this area.

This course give an overview of the principles of credit risk, the operational and regulatory framework and how it is managed.  It starts at a basic level of understanding the risks and exposures and moves on to cover the credit derivative market and suitable products to mitigate risks.


  • Defining “Investor Education”
  • Why people save and invest
  • How to think about making financial decisions
  • Key concepts of saving and investing
  • Why people save and invest
  • Developing a personal financial/investment plan
  • Understanding risk and reward
  • How financial markets work
  • Savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments
  • Regulation of financial markets
  • Introduction to financial/investment plans and core concepts
  • Framing a plan to meet students’ financial goals
  • Selecting financial professionals
  • Introduction to investment scams
  • How telemarketing fraud works: Inside a “Boiler Room”
  • Teach your students to become “Victim Proof”: Self-defense tips against fraud
  • How regulators protect investors

Who Should Attend

  • Investment officers .
  • Treasury .
  • Credit officers
  • Credit Risk Officers .
  • Credit Risk Seniors .
  • Accountants.
  • Financial analysis .
  • Auditors .
  • Operations supervisors.
  • Trade Finance officers .
  • The banking sector staff from modern and medium levels of expertise in credit facilities with various divisions: individuals facilities, corporate facilities, SMEs facilities,  and banking circles risk, credit operations and services, and treasury departments, and sales departments.


5 Days

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